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Baby Balance Bike | Ideal First Birthday Gift Ideas

4.73 out of 5 based on 2118 customer ratings
(2118 customer reviews)


  • -FULLY CERTIFIED for SAFETY – ASTM F963 Safety Certification by United States Childern’s Product Safety


  • -4 Wheels Bike with Low center-of-gravity design for stability


  • -135° steering limiter design to avoid sharp turns


  • -Enclosed wheels will avoid side falling or feet damage


  • -Low center-of-gravity design for toddlers to get on and off their own as well better stability


  • -Silent wheels works indoor and outdoors


  • -95% ready assembled to save the hassle


  • -1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & 30-days free return
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1 year old gift
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Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange

2118 reviews for Baby Balance Bike | Ideal First Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Susan Greene

    Super cute. A little pinker than the picture but sturdy and well made.

  2. karin A.

    Yes, well built, right size like a mini roadster ! Love it.

  3. Joe Deighan

    it works and assembles easily. Kid isnt in love with it. more novelty then utility

  4. Rosemarie Faulkner

    Granddaughter loves it. She just turned one.

  5. Iris A. Stadin

    Have not been use yet but my gran son will love it

  6. Customer

    really nice one my baby loves it

  7. Fandi Wang

    Great quality product. I have prime shipping so it took 2 days. The box came perfect fine, inside is 3 pieces which need to be assembled. It wasn’t hard to figure out. My niece loves to ride it. Simple but fun product.

  8. Christina Yin

    It is a great gift for kids.

  9. SC.Kwok

    Great gift for kid, my nephew loves it so much!!!Didnt expect it to come in in such a small box with big surprise???? its easy to assemble and love the colors and duck design as well, kids ride like a champ!!!Definately recommend for others!!!

  10. diana wenske

    My 15 month granddaughter loved it.

  11. CD

    Our grandson received another bike for his birthday as well but this one was the one that he was able to sit on and maneuver independently immediately. The low clearance and banana seat helped him feel stable enough that he could do it himself. We’re looking forward to lots of fun with this one!

  12. A. Bee

    Great for a 10 month old. Never seen a kid so happy in my life when she took her first ride.

  13. Customer

    My baby is 17 months and medium size. This bike is actually too small for her, but she still enjoys it. Be aware that this bike is very, very small and even a 17 month old baby might be too large for it.

  14. Patsy Jenkins

    Great product! Well made. My one year-old granddaughter was able to get on and use it immediately.

  15. joann

    I bought this bike for my baby grandson ,,it was easy to put together

  16. seha aygun

    Cool? also want 1 for my size …

  17. Jerry Andrew Krometis

    Well made and very cute! Loved by little ones.

  18. Jamie9583

    Super cute and easy to assemble. Baby loves it and so does our 2 1/2 year old!

  19. Ann M Wildfong

    Very well made and sturdy. Nothing we didn’t like

  20. Katlyn Rolfson

    Very study little bike and well-made. I think $85 is pretty steep, though. If I saw this on display at the store, I definitely wouldn’t have paid $85. I think $40-$50 is much more reasonable.

  21. Octavia Cherry

    Bough for my grandsons first birthday. He is able to ride if for short distances. Then he gets off and puts it on its side and plays with it. Great purchase.

  22. Angie Brady-Daniels

    Really cute first tricycle for little infants. I bought this as a gift and it was fondly received.

  23. Thomas C.

    Daughter loves it, she is 14months

  24. Jane Bierman-Lytle


  25. SCSIguy

    I bought this for one of my grandkids on her first birthday. She immediately started riding it and still loves it 4 months later. It’s built very well from metal, not plastic like others, and her older siblings (4 & 7) play with too. It still looks brand new and is almost indestructible. I would highly recommend this product.

  26. Erika C.

    While my nephew has enjoyed using it, and the set up is super easy. The box it was delivered in was so mangled (and open) that I couldn’t provide the gift in the box. We set it up and put a bow on it. Easy enough, just disappointed unable to provide in the box for 1st birthday.

  27. Javagail

    I can’t say how well it’s working as my granddaughter hasn’t used it much yet. But I will say it’s really cute and seems sturdy.

  28. Jeannie Guinnee

    This is a very sturdy little bike. I bought it for my granddaughter, age 18 months, but she’s not quite ready for it. No matter. My two grandsons, ages 3 1/2 and 7 1/2, ride it like a scooter, one foot on the floor and one knee on the seat. They race around on it all the time. And it’s none the worse for wear! I thought it was a bit expensive, but I think it was worth every penny.

  29. CM

    Fun, easy to use trike for a one year old!

  30. mo

    Ordered this bike in pink, received in yellow, husband didn’t realize it was the wrong color and put together. Realized this the day before the birthday party for our granddaughter – too late for an exchange. After contacting the Seller, they offered a couple of solutions for their mistake. While not the best of options, they were considerate enough to offer some reimbursement and it is appreciated. My granddaughter is now going to ride a yellow bike with a pink and purple helmet. The toddler trike seems to be very sturdy, according to my husband was very easy to assemble and looks as though she will enjoy it. Unfortunately, she was under the weather for her party and has not had a chance to try it out.UPDATE: our granddaughter, who is 2 but small, loves this trike. it will only last her the summer, but she will now be able to ride when her older sisters are riding their bikes.

  31. Sonja Kurhanewicz

    Bought this for my grandsons first birthday. it was PERFECT! Simple to assemble, perfect size for a beginner walker and he was able to ride it right away. Also his 3 yr old brother took over and also loved it. While it was a bit small for the big brother, it was sturdy and appropriate for even him to ride. It was a big hit and I cannot say how much fun I have seeing pictures and videos of him riding his bike.

  32. RunningLate

    Bike was purchased for our grand daughter’s first birthday, and she enjoys it and is learning how to propelling herself around the house on it. It is the right size for a 12 month-old, and is well built. We researched toys like this extensively before choosing it, and made the right choice. It comes in several pieces but was very easy to assemble with no tools. One thing to note: all the written material in the box was in Chinese!

  33. Dave Entenman

    Coolest little bike ever! I think my grandson really likes it. To be honest, we purchased this a bit too soon for his age and ability. But he really seems to like it.Assembly is extremely easy, and it appears to be well designed and built. Looks like it’ll last many hours (or miles).

  34. thunderchief

    Way too small for rated age

  35. Customer

    Cutest thing ever! I bought this for a 1 year old, but she’s almost too tall for it. So if you are thinking about getting this for a baby who’s tall, I’d try something else. This works great for a medium to small sized toddler (1-2 years).

  36. Tiffany Rightmire

    This bike is very sturdy and easy for my 12 month old to ride. No issues putting it together. I would purchase again.

  37. Mommy

    This bike is ridiculously cute. Husband and I were so excited to get our daughter her very first bike on her 1st birthday! I’ve actually never had a bike of my own in my whole life (sad right?!) so you can imagine my excitement and anticipation awaiting it’s arrival for my Baby Girl. Oh, it did not disappoint…It’s adorable! We ordered the pink one. It reminds me of a custom lowrider bike and made just for her. I love it!Husband put this together very quickly. This bike is well made and very sturdy, which makes me feel comfortable about putting my Baby Girl on it.It is very low to the ground, and our daughter is tall for her age at 31 inches, but this bike is perfect for her with room to grow.She took her first step 2 days before her 9 month birthday and has been pushing anything and everything around our house, including but not limited to chairs, tables, diaper boxes, diaper bags, laundry baskets, store boxes, highchairs, rocking horses, and of course all her push toys, so it came as no surprise to us that our daughter would love to push her very own first bike as opposed to sitting her hiney on it and riding it. She looks so cute pushing this cute bike though! So as soon as she stops pushing this cool bike around like it’s a shopping cart, I know she’ll love it.I’ll get my very own first bike when she’s riding comfortably and safe herself on the sidewalk, and I’ll be happily riding right alongside with her.

  38. A. Simonds

    Easy to assemble. My one year old daughter is still trying to get used to it, but it’s the perfect size for her. It’s solid, too. Very well made.

  39. Alex Thomson

    This is a sturdy, well made walking bike for little people. Three main pieces – easy to put together, except that the screw that holds the steering section to the bike is tricky to put in. It took me half an hour to insert the screw, with some other family members trying and giving up. I was on the verge of returning the bike when the screw finally went in and through to the other side so the nut could be attached.- but just barely. This is something that should be addressed .

  40. Ka

    Bought it for my granddaughter. She just turned 1 and it was the perfect size for her. After a few trys, she got the hang of it and loves her bike. Seems pretty good quality so far.

  41. NRindom

    This bike is perfect for my 1 year old who wants to be on the move! It’s adorable, well made and so easy to put together.

  42. Customer

    Great quality & very sturdy. One year old loves it.

  43. LuvMyGirls

    It definitely exceeds the cuteness factor, however, it is really small. My granddaughter is one and is in the lower percentile for height. Her feet get all up under her because it is too low. She constantly tried standing with it and finally won’t get on it at all. I can’t return it because it was an Easter gift bought early and not given to her until Easter.

  44. Granny Carol

    Oh my gosh she loved it! I got it for my great granddaughter’s 1st birthday!!!

  45. Amy Christopherson

    The kids love them, one year olds and they have no problems riding them around!

  46. Melissa Cowley

    I purchased this for one of my grandsons birthday who was celebrating his 1st birthday. He loves it and immediately knew what to do when he got on it. It is so very well made and so sturdy! The smile on my grandsons face when he saw it was worth EVERYTHING! Very easy to put together, just had to put the handle bar on…..easy breezy! I will be getting another for my other grandson when its his birthday! GET THIS ONE!!!


    nice started but steering wheel starts getting too much play, my sons loves riding it all the time.

  48. Tina Ross

    Pertect bike, exactly what I expected! We cant wait to give it to our sin!

  49. Chaleena Simmons

    I got this for a friend of mine for her sons birthday, he just turned one and loved it! he fit perfect and the length, width everything was the perfect size for him!

  50. P Fam

    Wheels are not very fluid and it does not roll well. Also, handle bars came misaligned with attachment and I had to take an hour with a drill to make it work. Seat height is not adjustable so depending on how tall your toddler is it may or may not work for then.

  51. Thumper

    My niece was thrilled with this gift for my great nephew. He loves it. Well made and the perfect size for this one year old.

  52. Alex S.

    Great product, price is a little high.

  53. bushell powell

    To small for a 3yrs child.

  54. T Gavin

    A very cute bike. Easy to assemble, no tools required (it comes with an ergonomic wrench) but just one bolt to tighten. I would recommend, mostly for age 1, give or take… The seat is low to the ground. A kid uses it as a learn-to-walk aid, too.

  55. christine j deviney

    she loves her wheels

  56. Alexander Ayers

    Awesome construction and quick delivery!

  57. Pablo Loriente ELio

    The seat has only one height position

  58. An storen User

    We buy this for a friend’s gilr baby, after the first opening box trial, we found it is sturdy and well made on:- It is light, make it very easy to carry- it is designed to protect the baby without sharp parts

  59. Joanna

    This is actually teaching my son to walk!!!

  60. Sosten

    The bike was cute and sturdy. The recipient really like the bike! She was a happy camper

  61. Sandra Davis

    Bought this for my granddaughter and she is still trying to figure it all out, she just turn 1, but her brother loves it.

  62. Kindle Customer

    Bought this for my One Year Old Grandson!! Oh My, what a hit!! Baby happy, parents happy, and I am too!!! Thank You

  63. Mauricio Llache

    It’s Just like the pictures. My baby is happy with his mini bike

  64. Gisselle

    Bought this for my niece who turned one and she loves it! Decided to get yellow because she has a baby brother so it can be passed down ??

  65. Anna

    Our 17-month-old is peddling with his feet, balancing, ramping, going up and down hills, and choosing to “off road”. He follows his older sibling, who is riding a Strider bike, with ease. Great purchase!!

  66. Kylee

    Very cute little bike. I know they have cheaper options on Groupon. But if you just love cuteness of ducks like I did you will pay a little more for it on here.The ride of it is great and both my three year old and one year love riding it.

  67. Merdster

    Love this product! Was actually better than described and super easy to put together

  68. Susan Christian

    Falls over unless the child can really support his own weight. Had to return.

  69. Alexander Yong

    Bought this bike for my grand daughter who is 9 months old and learning to walk, she has not really get the concept of using her feet to propel the bike yet, but she loves pushing it and will try to get on it by herself, her parents loved it, well built and super simple to put together.

  70. Kristi Hendrix

    Perfect for my 11 month old grandson! He was walking less than a week after he received it, and still loves it. Very stable and sturdy!

  71. storeBettie

    The one-year-old cutie patootie we purchased this for loves it! It is stable enough that it’s not an exercise in frustration but it still gives baby tons of practice balancing and coordination.

  72. Charlene Reinauer

    Very sturdy and durable! My 1 yr. old grand-daughter loves it and even her older brother thinks its great!

  73. Customer

    Great product

  74. Customer

    loved it..perfect fit for my one year old grandson

  75. James L Raby

    My grandson loves this bike.

  76. Gloria JP Hall

    Had 2 separate bikes, bothe were defective and could not be assembled because the holes don’t align, even with excessive force. Fake reviews all say the same thing, I wouldnt recommend this product.

  77. David

    I bought this bike for my nephew 1st birthday gift. It’s easy to put it together. This bike is well made and very sturdy, very good as the first bike for him. He could ride it everywhere and doesn’t play other toys any more. So you can image he looks so happy riding this cute bike. Absolutely he loves this bike so much!

  78. Customer

    Great for a toddler to hand with the pre-schoolers

  79. Chris Mancini

    I would wait untill 18 months for a child to really enjoy it. Nice quality and easy to assemble.

  80. J A

    It’s well made and sturdy. However, the seat is not adjustable, so I’m thinking that she will outgrow this in a matter of months.

  81. Kindle Customer

    My son LOVES this bike– but the seat it not adjustable, and little ones will be too tall for this very quickly.If the seat were adjustable for height, it would be much better

  82. Aluniag

    The bike is well made and the seat looked very comfortable but it was too small for my 12 month old. Ended up returning it and getting the Hape Scoot Around Wooden bike instead which is a bit bigger and also less tipsy.

  83. Ashley

    Came with some duck stickers on it which I wasn’t expecting but other than that it’s the perfect baby bike!

  84. SK

    Excellent toy for a toddler. We bought this for our 12 month old who started walking at 10 months and he took to it immediately. He is 14 months now and rides it all over the house.

  85. P. Merrion

    Our one year old grandson isn’t walking yet but he uses it as a walker.

  86. Ana H.

    It looks very good quality, this was a gift for a one year old, looks and feels perfect

  87. Jesse Tsao

    My one year old daughter received this bike for her birthday and she instantly took to it! Within a week she was able to hop on and off without tipping it over. Very good quality.

  88. Brittani Holmes

    This is the cutest bike ever!! I’m so obsessed!! Everyone wants to know where I got it from. It’s the cutest thing ever. I’m very satisfied

  89. ekaterina

    Awesome first bike! My one year old loves it and learned to ride it on her own in 3 days!

  90. Stephanie Berube

    My granddaughter absolutely loved this for first birthday.

  91. Lisa Davis

    The bike is way too small. May be good for 10 month but definitely not a 24 month

  92. MandyRose

    My son loves this bike. When his legs were too short to get on it he would use the handle bars as a walker.

  93. Charles R. Foster

    Well made and easy to assemble.

  94. D L Tatum

    Great little walker trike for the one year old star of the family!

  95. mustapha gbassa

    Purchased for grandsons birthday.Wheel placement to narrow…difficult to ride.I did not give away, I threw away.

  96. Rodolfo Wright Aguilar

    Great bike, I’m so happy with this purchase

  97. MR D.

    Pretty stable, great learning tool for our 8 months old baby.

  98. bbaker

    My son loves it. It stays in the house mostly and has soft tires is its easy on the floors. Its very stable so I don’t think it is a real balance builder but gets the kids used to the seat and actions.

  99. Madre65

    Grandson loves it, 1st Birthday party

  100. Joell Purdy

    Smaller than I thought it would be. Not worth what I paid.

  101. Lili

    Fantastic product!!!! It is so cute and the quality is good. The seat very soft. My son is happy riding this balance bike, it is steady. Recommend it, if your baby want to learn riding bike.

  102. ???????????? ????????????????

    Nice quality and easy to put together. My 13 month old got right on and started pushing herself around. Very cute!Obviously, this product is made overseas. The manual gave me a laugh. “This product may be further improved, if the actual product is different to the manual shown, please subject to the actual product.” Hmm. Oh, and “it should be rode on the safe place.” Good suggestion. =D

  103. Ronald D.

    Seems sturdy and well made.

  104. denise brophy

    My son LOVED this bike. We bought it for his 1st birthday and it only lasted about 9 months before the front wheels broke completely off. The return window obviously closed long ago. My plan is to call store to see if they can forward me to the seller for a full refund.

  105. Amanda S

    Very good quality! My daughter loves it. I ordered it for her 1st birthday, she’s now 15 months old and still uses it daily. I think it should definitely last for a long while and it has held up so well that it will make a great hand me down gift for one of her cousins.

  106. Customer

    She won’t play with any other outdoor toy now

  107. King Lee

    Easy to put together. Daughter loves to push it around more than ride on it but she actively plays with it. It’s always a very innovative design and cool pink and black color combination.

  108. patrick medeiros da silva

    Perfect product. The material is very good.

  109. Customer

    Exactly as described!

  110. Customer

    It was an awesome birthday gift for my grandsons he loves it and that’s what matters ????

  111. Customer

    Bought this for the one year old grandson and it was big hit until a couple weeks ago. Less than a year old and it fell apart. No one hurt but this should not happen for a 60 dollar toddler bike.However they did honor the warranty and sent us a new one at no cost.

  112. Joe O.

    High quality and great for 15 month old toddler. Helping teach how to get on and off and maintain balance.

  113. Vstrong

    Bought for granddaughters first birthday. She absolutely loves it. She has learned to ride it. So have bought her a tricycle with pedals for Christmas.

  114. Denell L Anderson

    My granddaughter loves this little bike ??

  115. Customer

    It’s a solid little bike, but when I paid $60 dollars and put it together I was super disappointed. It’s maybe worth $30-40 dollars. I could buy a real bike for $60 dollars and to get this tiny child’s toy is sad.

  116. Damian Mount

    Easy to put together just like video showded!

  117. T. W.

    Very well made, easy to assemble, 12 month old loved it.

  118. Katherine


  119. RAY E. GIGNAC

    We have not opened the bike yet, it’s for a Christmas gift! But it is exactly what we wanted for our grandson.

  120. Kaleigh

    Bought for a first birthday/Christmas gift. She loves it! It’s not too bulky where it’s a pain to use indoors either.

  121. Courtney Keefe

    This is perfect for my nephew who is 18 months. He is getting it as a Christmas present so he hasn’t ridden it yet.

  122. Brian

    Love it. Sturdy and stable learning bike

  123. Roadrunner

    I was unsure how much this would get used by our grandson, so I waited a whole year to post. We gave this to him for Christmas 2017 when he was just 8 months old, he is still using it!! By the time he turns 2 he will most likely need to move up to something larger, but this has been such a great gift for him. He scoots all over with it.

  124. Ana Andrade

    Received as a gift for my son’s first birthday. The bike is way too short for him already and does not adjust.

  125. sydrod

    This product looks neat, but I don’t think it’s worth almost $70. It’s much smaller than I thought it would be. I bought this for my twins first birthday; they have been trying to push them around and they fall over easily. All over, bummed with this purchase despite easy assembly and cute appearance. Also, look closely and you will see the main photo has been photoshopped. If this were a real picture you would have a more realistic idea of the size to ratio.

  126. Ang B.

    Bought for my granddaughters 1st Birthday. Sturdy enough my husband tried to ride it. He was too big.

  127. Elliana

    Great tyke bike. Was easy to put together. Well built and our one year old grandson got right in.

  128. Rebecca


  129. Customer

    Went together easily and has held up nicely..

  130. Sueby

    I bought this for my 12 month old. So far he sits on it but doesn’t go anywhere! Hoping the “GO” part starts soon!

  131. Michigander

    My 1 year old can’t really get on and off this yet but my 3 year old cruises in it, but it’s small for him. I’d say this will be great for her in a few months. Maybe have to update this after to comment on how much she likes it, but it’s very durable.

  132. Flor

    Report abuse

  133. Lisa Pakes

    This bike was way too small for my 15 month old who isn’t very tall. I sent it back. There is no way this is for 18-36 month olds.

  134. G. McFadden

    Very concerned. The product description on store says good for 10 month olds. And an image says it can be even used for 6 months olds; however, the box clearly says 18 months and older. What is correct? I may need to return because my child is 10 months old.

  135. ralphcheng

    This product is great! This is a well-structured bicycle with quality components. It is very balanced and the kids love it. If you are looking for the first bike for your child, you should buy it. Will not regret it.

  136. Customer


  137. Customer

    i love it

  138. Sarah

    I loved this bike and so did my 15month, however it was too small for her hence the return. It is beautifully designed.

  139. rochell

    It should have only cost about $20. I felt like we had been ripped off. It was a joke. It was tiny and really nothing to it.

  140. Elizabeth Ehst

    Very good quality! Perfect house bike!

  141. JC

    I bought this for my 1 year old and was very impressed with the appearance and function. The bike is the perfect size for what he needs and is stable for a new walker.

  142. Sharon S.

    Purchased this as a gift for 1 yr old boy’s birthday gift. Color as represented. Easy/minor assembly.The 1 yr old is just about ready to start walking and I think will grow into and be able to “ride” very soon.

  143. Valerie Gernazian


  144. Mommer

    Adorable, well made, easy assembly. Bought for a baby just learning to walk, he’ll grow into it. Warning sticker on the bottom says ” NOT to use in traffic” LOL!

  145. Marcia M Heitzmann

    Very sturdy little introductory tricycle. Perfect for our one-year-old granddaughter. She was able to propel herself easily.

  146. LS


  147. MrzCastro

    Love it

  148. Customer

    My 10 month old just started standing and walking with assistance. Perfect height for her and easy for her to use. Hasn’t quite gotten walking / balancing down yetn but I’m sure when she does she will be zooming around on this thing. It was super easy to connect together. Excellent, durable quality product and shipping was quick!

  149. david

    Super easy to assemble. Perfect for a one year old.

  150. Colleen Lilly

    Nice sturdy toy

  151. Kev

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my friends one year old. The seat and handlebars are cushioned and is very solidly built. Also, is one of the few bikes where he is well balanced and his feet touch the ground. They tell me he loves it!

  152. Anon

    This is the second one of these that we’ve purchased, one for each of our two grandchildren, ages 12 and 14 months. Minimal assembly although the first one quickly went together and the second one required a little modification by shaving some plastic. If it wasn’t needed for a birthday present a few days later, I would have sent it back. After plastic shaving, it worked great.

  153. Bill

    Stridder bike is super cute for toddlers and beginning walkers. This is for little children around 1 year or 15 months old.

  154. wordsong

    Grandchild really loved getting this for Christmas.

  155. Janene Thomas

    We bought our 10 month old daughter this bike for Christmas. She is just starting to learn to walk (not yet completely walking on her own). At first she was reluctant and not sure what to do but a few days in she started to like it. The bike is very small so if your child is bigger or already walking it might not be for you. It does tip easy (because it is so light) so be prepared/near by when first starting. But overall it was a great/cost effective purchase to help our little one start to feel comfortable walking.

  156. Randi Claunch

    My 11 month old loves pushing this around and will sit on it and wiggle back and forth. We will get great use out of it!

  157. John

    Fast shipping great item

  158. ra

    My nephew loves it

  159. Profbee


  160. Customer

    Nice bike. I wish the height was adjustable. I have a tall 1yr old. She really likes it but afraid she will out grow it fast. Easy assembly. Colors true to picture

  161. Leornard Sclafani

    I seen this on line a thought it would help my grandson learn to use his legs and it did he uses it everyday , great gift!!!!

  162. Beatle

    This balance bike is made well and easy to assemble.

  163. Jonathan


  164. KarenS

    Great ride on. Granddaughter rides it a lot.

  165. Sean

    Exactly what I thought it would be. My kid loves it.

  166. David W. Carson



    Awesome!! Looks holistic. Special. And works like it too … I’d buy it again

  168. Debbie N Texas

    My grandson is 1-1/2 yo and loved the bike. He got right on it and took of. The bike is very sturdy and is so cute. Would definitely purchase again.

  169. Nancy Ruth

    This is great for small children. My 16 month old rides it well. Its does not fall over. Its easy to carry aroundIt teaches balance and coordination.

  170. janice shaklee

    It’s broken and the window closed for returns!

  171. TD

    Kids love it, it’s nice, worth every penny.

  172. LC

    My grandson loves this bike. It should last quite awhile as he begins cruising and walking. It seems to be built quite well and seems very safe.


    Great for a 2yo that hasn’t got great balance yet.

  174. SmelOG

    Fun bike for 1yr old, my 3yr old likes it too. I tried contacting the company as the plastic piece that covers the bolt to attach the handle bar does not click in place and just moves around. Not sure if it should be like that but it is annoying.

  175. Customer

    My 18 month old played with it for about 30 min. Personally it wasn’t what I was looking to get him. The wheels don’t rotate smoothly and the steering angle is really narrow; my son gets frustrated because of this and just pushes it away. I won’t recommend this product to friends.

  176. Megan

    Perfect for our 1-year old. Just took her a few days to get the hang of it and now it is one of her favorites. Recommend!

  177. Sunshine Grande

    This baby balance bike is really cool! My baby really like it and enjoy playing it. The quality is very good. I think it can have him trained on the balance skill while he’s playing it.

  178. Karin Wilson

    A very sturdy little trike. He loves to sit on it and even carry it around. Hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet, but well built and worth the price.

  179. AftonCyn

    To small for our granddaughter sizing is off had to return item.

  180. Mrs j

    I wish you could raise the seat up

  181. Jackie C.

    Just what I expected

  182. Jared M.

    I wanted to like this bike and I wanted my son to like it. He was 13 months and walking well when we received it but it was WAY too small for him. He is not a large kid. His feet were scrunched when he sat on it and he never liked riding it. I think it is built pretty sturdy but it just didn’t work for us.

  183. kathy vartanian

    My 14 month old grandson loves it

  184. Park Ranger

    Solid product. Price was to high in my opinion.

  185. Anthony B Cyrulik Jr

    Sure cute. VERY small. Bought for my 1 year old and fits her great.

  186. TheSCJ

    Great developmental toy for baby. Our son is 10 months old and taking it for a spin!

  187. ??mixue

    Look at this lovely bike, my daughter likes it very much. Its installation procedure is particularly convenient. It takes only 3 steps to complete the installation of the entire bicycle. My daughter has used this bicycle for a few days and is very happy every day. Its workmanship is good, the weight of the car is moderate, my daughter can lift it up with both hands, no need to worry that this bike will overwhelm the child and cause the child to get up.

  188. themattmobile

    Grand son really enjoys his little bike. Fits just right. Seems very well made. Packaging was excellent.

  189. Angela

    Pros : stable, easy turns, good traction. 3 step installation that takes literally than 5 minutes. No joke. Overall solid build mini bike. It’s a bike that can definitely last from one child to the second child.Cons: wish the seats can be height adjustable so it’s not limited to 24month toddlers.

  190. Pauletta Folden

    We are very pleased with our purchase, and the Baby loves it !

  191. Dorothy R

    Comes in 2 pieces that couldn’t be bolted together until the metal on base of handle bars was shaved slightly.

  192. Louie

    My son likes it very much and enjoys it very much. It plays a certain role in exercising the children. In short, very good, satisfied!

  193. sally

    A gift for first birthday, baby seemed to like it. She has to learn to move the bike with her feet.

  194. Customer

    My son loves it! Doesn’t quite got his balance down but he loves it!

  195. whitney wilson

    Fits perfect for my 1 year old

  196. Debby M. Disharoon

    Love the bike! Easy to put together and perfect for an 18 month old.

  197. Michael A. Figgs

    My son is 14 months and love this bike. He can walk into it from the back and scoot himself around. Perfect to learn the concept inside the house before bringing it outside. He can get on and off of it himself. Has tipped it over and falling but bc it’s close to the ground no issues. He gets back up and tries again.

  198. Jallan

    Little man loves it he just turned one. Took some coaxing to get him on it but kept at it and now hes running the household. Careful though it does tip so keep a close eye until they get used to it. I think he will be walking faster because of this product.

  199. JVNM

    This was a 1yr birthday present for our baby girl. She is around the 50th% and it fits her very well. She is also a “cruiser” right now, only walking when holding onto the coffee table or her brothers’ hands.While on the bike, one foot is flat on the ground and the other is on toes. She can definitely grow into this bike. As soon as she got on the bike, both her feet (her toes) gripped the ground and pushed forward! The bike rolled forward and she squealed in delight! She was very excited to keep moving. She did tip over when she was trying to get her leg up and off the bike. It was expected and we encouraged her to get right back up there and go again. After two days of multiple sessions each day, she can push herself to a chair and then use the chair to provide stability and swing her leg up and off the bike. It is really a great learning bike!I have always loved the two-wheel (no training wheels) bikes for 2-3 yr olds. This Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike is a PERFECT step to the larger balance bikes.She also loves walking and pushing the bike backwards with her hands on the handles. Doubles as a walker! Bonus.NOTE: This bike is NOT super stable. It is not meant to be! It is for learning balance and giving children a challenge! Please support your babies on this bike and don’t complain when they fall 4 to 10 to 100 times. They are learning! Either support them so falls aren’t dangerous or don’t get the bike. The steering won’t allow babies to turn too sharply and the thick QUIET wheels go great on tile, hardwood and rug (we have all three in the house).Overall I gave this bike a 4 because for the price, I expected something with a bit more weight. However, the quality is fine and I shall see how it lasts. It also seems like it would not last as an outside bike… I shall test it as the weather gets nicer.

  200. Customer

    Nice trainer but there’s not even one notch to raise the seat higher. I’ll go buy a steel drill bit and add a second hole. How hard is it to figure that out?

  201. Karen Argyle

    I am sad I missed the return date by two days. It was for my grandsons BD on the lighting deal. It is way too small. So sad

  202. vanessa

    My daughter was able to use and plays with and it works great as first bike!

  203. brenda r


  204. SelinaBliss

    PERFECT for a one-two year old. Have it as a first birthday gift, and as soon as she was sat in it, she started scooting right along. Perfect size!

  205. Marva D


  206. Maroa jawad

    It’s perfect so cute

  207. Momo Fang


  208. Customer


  209. Customer

    Got this for two of my grandkids. They love them and ride them all the time.

  210. Customer


  211. S. Dragulski

    Great little infant, early toddler trike. Seems very sturdy. Love the big wheels. They’re pretty quiet as well.

  212. Xi Xu

    I bought this as a birthday gift to my friend and neighbor’s one year old boy. Their son is learning walking now and doing great. They helped us with our baby a lot so I want to choose a nice gift for their cute boy.This bike is very easy to assemble, just a few minutes and this cute mini bike is ready to go! No need extra tools.I like the color yellow with a duckling on it. Either little boy or girl suits this color.With this bike, my friend’s baby boy can riding around both indoor and outdoor. The whether is getting nice now. Everything is perfect!

  213. Emily King


  214. Los

    My boy had fun on it for a few months untill the front rod that holds the wheel in place broke at the weld. Very cheap flimsy tack weld. This was the second bike, the first lasted about a year, similar break. Looking for a balance bike for my 1year old nephew, passing on this one.

  215. Vic8sette


  216. Taylor L Smith


  217. amy

    The bike is so cut and looks durable. My son likes it, and cannot wait to try his new bike. I would like to recommend it to my friends and think about buying another one for my son.

  218. Sophia


  219. Shirley lin

    This is really cute! My neighbor’s kid has a blue one, too. Dinner is finished every evening. My child and his friends will take it to the park. And who runs fast? Ha!

  220. Bridgitt Gongaware


  221. Judith H. Brennan


  222. Rita P.


  223. Cindy S. Broderick

    Purchased this for two grandkids turning 1. After about a day, they mastered how to balance on it and make it move with their feet. They love it! Older siblings also have fun with it.

  224. Sid Kato

    My grandson love it!

  225. Erica Beeler

    Bought this as a gift for my daughter’s first birthday and I cannot wait to see her on it! Cute colors and seems very sturdy. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

  226. MT

    the bike was the perfect size for my grandson but my grandson was not interested in sitting on it. I wish there was a way to adjust the handle bars.

  227. Debra Zuehlke

    very cute…. but feel the front wheels need to be a little bit wider..

  228. Grandma Susie


  229. C and E F.


  230. REDGREENpoke0329

    Easy to set up and the size is perfect for 12mo+ Kids. Nice color also. It is not heavy and not make any noisy which is very good for us because we are on the second floor.

  231. Brandon

    My little baby boy loves it, I heard a lot friends talked about it, so I want was easy to set up and safe to play, good gift for baby!!!love it!!!

  232. Chloe

    My son loves it and now it’s his best friend. The bike has great quality with steady structure and big wheels, and without any bad smell. I think it’s safe for baby.

  233. BB.

    My daughter loves it! Rides it or tries to and has a field day. I wish I bought it earlier so she could have more fun with it and get the hang of it earlier. Not small or big. It fits her well and shes big for her age!

  234. Ling Liang

    my ten months old daughter loves the balance bike so much?the design is very attractive and cute. it also can practice the balance of baby.

  235. Tim


  236. JAJackson76

    I purchased this bike for our one year old grandson. It had received such good reviews that I thought he would love it.It actually turns over very easily as the wheels are so close together in both the front and back. The seat is not adjustable therefore he is almost too tall for the bike already. He doesn’t like to sit on it at all as it easily turns over if he is not perfectly balanced. I was very disappointed in the purchase and especially since it was more costly than many other bikes for young children. Don’t waste your money on this bike! After writing this review the company did inform me that they are working on the next version which will allow adjusting of the seat and adjusting the wheels so that the bike is more balanced and won’t turn over so easily. I was impressed with the company’s ustomer service and quick response to the problems identified. I do believe the company truly wants to create a product that all children will love.

  237. Danielle Fox

    Easy to put together and easy for my 1 year old to ride around on.

  238. Kyrie

    I bought this as a one year birthday gift to my son. And My son is learning walking now. My little baby boy loves it. I would like to recommend it to my friends.This bike is very easy to assemble, just a few minutes and this cute mini bike is ready to go! No need extra tools.

  239. Yan

    It‘s a very cute bicycle?my baby like it.

  240. iShopstoreExtreme


  241. Lisa Toellner

    I purchased this for my 1 year old grandson. He loves it. very sturdy

  242. David Zong

    This bike was very easy to assemble. My 1 year old little man has palyed it for a few days and loved it! It took him about 4-5 times to get used to it and then ride it everywhere with confidence on his face. Now he is walking more stable so the bike is doing its job very well. Great purchase for a great price. Would definitely recommed to other mums.

  243. Customer

    Really cute for my 1 year old. She loves it. Very sturdy. Love the bigger wheels. Helps her learn balance and pushing with her legs

  244. Melanie Hatfield


  245. Cruz M Rodriguez

    Bought for my niece shes only a year old. She loves riding it ,very easy to maneuver she looked like a pro her very first try

  246. Johnette

    Perfect size and easy to maneuver for a 1yr old. Made of good quality material.

  247. Customer


  248. Heather

    Super cute. Bought for my 1 year old. He loves it.

  249. Sunny

    My daughter very like to ride it very much.she is 15months old,so easy to use and sturdy

  250. Customer

    Really good product. Nice material. Cute color design. Easy to put together. My son really loves it even though he cannot use it now, he likes the color and smiled when look at it. When we put him on it, he enjoyed and we can tell that the seat makes him comfortable.

  251. Simon Ryerson

    My son loves it cool bike

  252. Elly

    For 1 yr old grandson. So nice.

  253. Josie

    Ok, for starters, this is not a replacement for a balance bike like a strider. It is smaller and doesn’t require the same kind of balance. This is more of a pre-balance bike.After reading the reviews on how small it was, I bought this for my son when he was 10 months and already taking his first steps. He is an average sized baby. Unfortunately his legs could not fully reach the floor while sitting on the bike, so he was unable to maneuver it.Fast forward a couple of months later and he is a fully walking/jogging 12 month old who is 30” tall. His feet still can’t reach the floor enough to get the leverage he needs to push the bike. He ends up getting off and just pushing it with his hands.My consensus is that while the bike itself is small and the handlebars are low, the seat is relatively high. An older/bigger baby would still be better suited for this, but honestly at that point you might just consider a real balance bike.Oh and yes it does tip over. But I think calling it a “rolling death trap” is a bit of an exaggeration. First of all you should be supervising your young toddler with this, especially if they aren’t coordinated enough to roll it without tipping.

  254. Shawn Xin


  255. DB

    It is the right size for my 33” 30# one yr old grandson. It seems like the wheels are a little harder to turn than when brand new. Like it is the bearings. It is 4 months old. It it is stable and cute

  256. Elaine Chavarria

    Thought it would be cuter it was cheap looking no horn, colt pink was ok, sturdy for toddlers.

  257. Betsy Cass

    I originally ordered this from Ancaixin and it was defective. The holes for the handlebars did not line up and I had to return it. This one came in one day and went together in 2 minutes.

  258. Dixie Johnson

    1 yr old birthday. She loved it!

  259. Maurici Gonzalez

    A little small for my 1 year old grandson

  260. Customer


  261. c calderwood

    There is nothing bad to say about this riding toyEvery one year old should have one- it is very practical and fits wellYour child can ride it for a couple years

  262. Rick

    Baby magnet.

  263. R. W.

    I bought it for my friend son’s birthday who just turned one this June. She told me that this balance bike became his favorite toy since then. It’s a cute tiny balance bike. The color is bright and vivid, the design is simple but user-friendly to baby, the seat is comfortable and quality is way beyond my expectation. I do think it’s not just a toy, but a perfect way to develop baby’s coordination and balance. It must have so much fun for riding on.

  264. Li Dai

    My son loves bikes and I am so happy to find a bike that he can ride at his age. The bike is very easy to assemble, simple yet very steady. The size is perfect for my son. He can easily get on and off. The bike is also very light. My son can easily move it around. Overall, I am very happy with the product. So is my son!

  265. Rickie Scott

    Bought if for my son

  266. Customer

    Pros: very easy to assemble, sturdy little bike, easy for small child to balance on. My son is 12 months, not walking yet, small for his age, and he loves it. He can go straight forward and back, when he tries to turn he does wobble and sometimes falls.Cons: not adjustable height, we had thought maybe the handlebars could raise slightly as he grew, but they do not. Also the wheels are plastic-y, they would not be good for outside.

  267. Tina J. Kendrick

    Taught my grand niece to walk.

  268. Anthonio Vole

    This is a good first bike. Got it for my little ones first birthday. He is defiantly interested in it. It’s kinda hard to turn but if you have a big space it would be just fine. Not good for little spaces or small yards. It also feels a little cheaply made, but it is a baby toy so I guess you don’t want it too heavy or strong either. It’s light enough for him to pick it up so it’s good. I do recommend this bike. We love it.

  269. Sheena


  270. Dona

    Not for baby’s under 18 months. My daughter keep on falling to sides with this bike.

  271. TreeNStar

    My boy is one year old and just started standing on his own. I was hoping to find something to help him practice his balance and strengthen his legs. Our neighbor’s 2- year-old boy has a bigger balance bike and he rides it all the time. It seems like he has been benefiting from riding the balance bike. I then hoped to find a smaller one for me little one.This balance bike has the perfect height for my baby. Both of his legs naturally touch the ground when he is on the bike. He is able to sit on it steadily and move backward. I am still helping him when moving forward. I am hoping with more encouragement and practice, he can learn to move forward on his own soon.I believe that once my boy is able to move forward on the balance bike, he should start walking soon. At his age ( almost 13 months), I think to learn how to balance himself to stimulate more motor skills is crucial.He likes riding the bike. However, I have to constantly push him forward. Otherwise, he gets bored soon and cries for attention. I hope this will be solved once he masters forward-moving on his own.The bike is super easy to assemble. It requires no tools at all. The structure of it is pretty solid but light. Moreover, the seat has a good cushion and is very comfortable!I am pleased with the purchase overall. I would recommend this balance bike to parents with a young toddler.

  272. Bulik Brulik

    We bought this for our son on his first birthday. It is perfect for him! He loves scooting around trying to keep up with his older brother. Assembly is a breeze and the product is great quality! This bike can be used indoors or outdoors. Our son was able to ride this bike before he could even walk. Great intro into biking for young toddlers.

  273. Vickie

    Bought for my Grandson he loves it

  274. Sam

    I definitely gave this a five star because it really surprised me. When I got the package I didn’t open it because I think maybe it difficult to install. However it is so easy to install. Moreover, the quality is great and it is stable even me can sit on it. Last but not least, it is so cutttttt, and my kid love it so much.

  275. Karon Taylor

    This is the best. Great for little ones to play with. In no time with a little help they are racing around.

  276. B&E Stucki

    I purchased this bike when my Son wanted to ride his older Sister’s balance bike, but his feet couldn’t touch the ground on its lowest setting. He started showing interest at 8 months old.The bekilole bike is great because it is low enough for my Sonn to mount on his own. The dual set of wheels allows stability for him so that I don’t have to hold him or the bike while he uses it.I still hover over him while he uses the bekilole bike as he can still tip the bike over with extreme turning movements, but that is something he will have to learn.He is now 16 months old and still loves the bike. It is still a good size for him.

  277. Grant Doherty

    We purchased this bike for our 1 year old and we love it. It is just the right height for him (he is just over 2 ft) He is able to get on and off with supervision and does not fall over.

  278. Carolyn G. Rush

    We purchased this bike as a gift to a 1 year old little fellow. He was immediately drawn to it and able to get on it and sit, without jiggling to keep balance. The wheels roll easily so he can make the bike move easily. We are impressed with the four wheels on the bike and the way they are located to keep the bike balanced. I definitely would purchase this bike again!

  279. Tina


  280. Randy,

    If my power horse grandson likes, it’s good with me. He climbed out of his crib to go get it, dragged it back to bed. Found his sleeping with it the next morning

  281. joanne brooks

    My grandson is 16-17 months old he is too big for this toy. Your age range is incorrect. Air may have helped if there was any way to adjust to account for size based on advertising

  282. ML

    Gave to my grandson for his 1st birthday, enjoys riding on it!! Very steady with the way it’s constructed.

  283. Customer


  284. seren

    perfectly balanced, really helps little one to step

  285. Karen


  286. Blitzburgh2000


  287. Sflet

    My granddaughter who is 8 months old loves this bike. It has helped her to start standing. She is actually become more mobile because of it. We gave it to her for her birthday. Great present!

  288. mad about flats

    Bought this for my great nephew who just turned one. Apparently they have a toddler race on the bikes in Pittsburgh. My niece was thrilled with the gift, and so is the baby.

  289. mother of 3

    Would have been great if seat was height adjustable, grandkids enjoy it.

  290. Adam Kwolek

    My son loves it

  291. Ken Birkhofer

    As the item is described, it is for learning “balance”. The toddler will fall over a time or two. It is part of the learning process. Will definitely help that transition to bicycle later.

  292. Pomponette

    Cannot speak to durability – haven’t had it that long. Nice orange color. It is easy to mount and can be used inside. Grandson likes it.

  293. Jena Smith

    For the price point the bike isn’t much. My son is 15 months, the bike has tipped over forward and he went face first twice. For safety purposes we are going to return.

  294. L. Denney

    Exactly as described, love!

  295. Janet E.

    My grandson’s new puppy ate the seat. Where do I go to to get a replacement seat? Thank you Janet Boston

  296. Daniel

    As of yet I can not say I dislike it, it seems my grandchildren like it so far.Thank you.

  297. Carolyn Evans

    Perfect for the little ones. Good quality. Great price

  298. Tiffany E. Minnick

    Bought this for my one year old niece who is just starting to walk. She loves it! Very well made product and my 10 year old was able to assemble herself.

  299. Jon Pope

    12 month old learning to walk and loves this bike.

  300. Amy


  301. Yuan Li

    Came in amazing box with instructions printed on the box and in manual, so easy to assemble took my husband may be 3 minutes if not less, No tools needed.My girl is one year old and just started standing on her own. She was so exciting when it arrived and couldn’t wait to try it. It became her favorite walking and running around all over the house, We got wooden floor, the wheels was pretty silent and worked smooth on carpets as well.I highly recommend this product!

  302. anthony

    Good gift

  303. fnu Ashwin

    As u can see I was trying to put it together but it’s only three wheels I’m so disappointed

  304. Ninny


  305. Zhiping Xing

    PERFECT gift for my baby girl!!!Our little one just turned 1 and got this for his birthday. She loves it so much. Easy to use she just started pushing herself around the house.High finished product with Cool design and beautiful color. Highly recommended!

  306. silverone

    This was a first year birthday gift for my grandson. He likes it! So far, he mostly tries to push it around since he is a tiny bit short to sit on it and push. Everyone is happy with the quality of the item. I highly recommend this!

  307. Kim Losapio

    Bought for my Grandson’s first Birthday.He lOVED it!

  308. Wilson Zhong

    This is the cutest and most useful baby scooter I have ever bought. The baby likes playing very much. It is practical and has the right height.

  309. Sunny

    This bike is REALLY cute. Got it for my son turning 1 year old and he loves it!It’s worth the price, of good quality and the assembly was straightforward. My son rode it for about half an hour once it assembled, and since then he is using it as a bike and a chair. It fits both indoors and outdoors and can be taken to the park to ride, No disassemble is needed. Love how it helps him with standing, pushing and walking. It’s a great buy, I regret not buying it earlier.

  310. Chenxi Wang

    This is the 1st birthday gift for my little girl. She is a “cruiser” right now, only walking when holding onto the coffee table or my hands. Once she got on the bike, both her feet gripped the ground and pushed forward. She was so excited and keep moving! This balance bike is super easy to assemble. I put it together by myself within 5mins. My daughter loves it so much, and there is enough space for her to grow into for the next 1-2years. Definitely recommend!

  311. Anna

    The bike is perfect size for my baby. I am happy I bought it because he likes to sit on it and really enjoys the ride.

  312. Cynthia Libhart


  313. Stephanie Harshbarger

    Great bike for our 1 year old

  314. sierraswitchbacks

    Our 1 year old granddaughter loves it. She can get on by herself.Seat is too low, it be better higher so her legs are bent.

  315. Nana4

    1 year old rides it perfectly ! Thanks

  316. Customer

    It’s a high quality bike and the color is cute, my son really enjoys riding it.

  317. Charlie Liang

    After various comparisons, safety, appearance, price, I finally chose this stroller as a gift for my sister’s son’s first birthday! It’s really awesome, my nephew likes this gift very much! Unbelievable, I can install it myself for the baby to play. Well, when my daughter grows up, I think I will set another one and let them play with my brothers and sisters! By the way, orange is very beautiful, but I think blue is more suitable for boys.

  318. Joe


  319. Chela Simpson

    I was so surprised to see my 1 year old grandson take off ion this even though he cannot walk. As long as we stay near him as he rides this it’s perfect!

  320. Sue W

    My Granddaughter’s 1 year birthday. She loves it!

  321. Gene hughes

    got for year old granddaughter who was not walking more than few step, first week she was walking all over pushing bike,

  322. Jacky

    Bought this Gift for my One year Old nephew. My sister loved it when her kid was so happy about his new toy. Installation was fast and easy. Super sturdy while he just going crazy with this Bike.Finally in the first time of his life he was able to walk on a bike ~ I am glade that i bought this for my nephew, Nothing can be better than this when its what he needed the most at this age.

  323. Jason & Stefanie

    This was very easy to assemble upon arrival- took maybe 10 minutes. It has comfortable padding and low to the ground making it great for babies to learn on- wish i had had something like this for my first.

  324. christopher beck

    Got for our 10 month old, he loves it. Each day he’s getting better and better at using it

  325. Iris

    This is a good product with good quality. It is very convenient and practical, and my baby likes it very much. I highly recommend it to you, I will buy it again.

  326. Mtnwomen

    Exactly as described.

  327. Chevy chaser

    The kids loved it

  328. Gloria Lankas (@citylimitscountryfeel)

    Gave this as a gift for first birthday. A+

  329. Martin

    After quickly assembling this little bike our 18 months old son thoroughly enjoyed playing with this bike. It’s a fun toy for him and likes to play with it a lot!

  330. Ladazaka

    Perfect for our one year old. Not to big or heavy for her to handle.

  331. Anni Tornetta

    Son loves it he scoots around in it everywhere

  332. helloworld

    I received the bike with the package undamaged. It looked nice from outside. But once I opened the box, I found that the white paint below the handlebar is peeling off, and the bolt connecting the two major pieces is rusted. I may be unlucky but this says something negative about this product’s quality control. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures as my son was next to me waiting for his bike and I had to assemble it. Once I assembled it, I could not take it apart for taking pictures or for returns. I contacted the seller about this issue. On a brochure that came together with the bike, they promised reply within 24 hours. But I haven’t heard a thing after two days. I am very unhappy with this purchase as this is supposed to be my son’s one year birthday present.————————————————————-updated on Oct 15, 2019. After contacting the seller directly through store, they replied promptly and sent me a new bike. We haven’t seen any issues with the new one. I’m happy with their service.

  333. Skyla Camp

    The baby had just started walking and now loves riding! She needs a little help but manages to scoot along with a giant grin. She’s a little unsteady while upright so someone is always there to guide her, she took a small tumble but got right back on.

  334. Customer

    Love this little bike. Got it for my one year old daughter. It’s cute and sturdy. She likes it and is able to push it just fine.

  335. Taylor

    Bought as a gift for a 1 year old. Perfect size.

  336. TES

    Well made and sturdy. This is our third purchase of this bike.

  337. Dareen

    My son likes this bike, he feels afraid for the first time, but after a few days he total likes it, he usually plays with the wheels and this bile make him very happy. By the way, it’s very easy to install it and the bike looking so cute. So, enjoy it with your baby.

  338. JJones

    This was great for my nephew’s 1st birthday present. He’s smaller than average, and this bike fits him perfectly. Of course with any product, this can tip if your child is left unsupervised. Keep a close eye on unstable toddlers, and use it inside in carpet for the safest results.

  339. janet ricigliano-hull

    it was a gift for my nephew- my sister loved it

  340. Customer


  341. Tyler Miklo

    I like the product, very sturdy, quality construction. Son really Liked it

  342. coffee

    It is easy to ride on than other balance bike. My two years old daughter has problem on other balance bike. So we bought this one. She can ride and go immediately. Quality is good. Hope it will be easier to transfer to normal balance bike

  343. Reba H

    Bought it for my grandson on 1 st birthday and he is 20 months and still loves to ride it all over the house. Built extra tough, only wish the seat would raise a bit, he has already outgrown, it sits a little low.

  344. Pam G

    My one-year-old grandson loved it for his birthday

  345. Ashlee C.

    Overall my 1 year old loves the bike! It’s easy for him to maneuver and “ride” around. It is on the smaller side so if your child is tall it might not be the bike for you.

  346. Jose Hernandez

    1 year old loves it. Uses it daily to Scoot around the house. Pretty sturdy. The front wheel only turns like 30-40 degrees to either side.

  347. Joyce Demo


  348. rrubiera

    my granddaughter loves her new baby balance bike

  349. Customer

    I found it very cute although I had to return it immediately because it is SO small… my son is only 1 yo and look like a giant on it. And at 1 yo he cannot yet understand to push himself with the feet so I would have to give it him in few months when it will be even smaller.

  350. Heather


  351. Susan

    Duck is so cute, I got it for my nephew he is 1 years old. A little wobbly for him but 3 year old like it.

  352. FC

    Parents of little girl it was gifted to tell me she loves it.

  353. David

    Great bike for my 10 month old baby. He dosnt walk yet but he can sit down on the bike and sloly go forward.

  354. Customer

    I thought this item arrived missing a part. I found it and feel so bad for giving a review that was wrong!

  355. Sadie

    Very cute design. Come in nice packed box and easy to wrap as gift for little one. The size is perfect for my 2 years old, but his 5 years brother can hardly ride on. Definitely a nice choice of beginning bike for the young toddler riders.

  356. Sara Brown

    The baby bike is so cute. I bought This to my two-year-old son a bike to play . He likes it so much and he plays it every day. Good for two – to three-year-olds. I’m going to buy another one for my nephew.

  357. Jenny

    I brought this bike for my friend’s son as a birthday gift. The bike is easy to assemble and very sturdy. My friend told me that his son really likes the bike. And I definitely will buy another one for my son when he gets to one!

  358. judy

    my granddaughter loves her first bike. Great for learning walk babys

  359. Kindle Customer


  360. Karen Khachatryan


  361. Brooke B.

    Got this for our little niece. She absolutely loves it.

  362. leigh A Salmans

    My 1 year old grand babies love this bike ,there easy to push and go, it is helping them find there balance for walking

  363. storeian

    He barely touches the floor but enjoys riding around with my husband holding his hands on the handles and pushing this adorable little tricycle. He shows his excitement with bouncing and grins. In a few months, he should be able to push himself around.

  364. moire

    Cute little bike that’s very sturdy

  365. Joseph D.

    Good quality, easy assembly.

  366. Customer

    It is an awesome gift. Parents need to continue to try the bike to allow the child to get use to it.

  367. Doglady

    Excellent product and my grandson loves it!

  368. maureen moy


  369. anna schellert

    It is a Christmas present,Didn’t try it yet

  370. Jo Anne Palko

    Learning balance and mobility while having fun.

  371. Deb S.


  372. Shauna1019


  373. Ashlee

    I never write reviews but we got this for our baby’s first birthday and hes 19 months and still loving it! In the past few months he finally got super comfortable and now goes down hills knows how to turn well and knows how to brake with his feet we go outside everyday to ride this! I feel like it has helped him with so many different motor skills! It’s pretty pricey but the entertainment that we have gotten out of this is sooo worth it. He wasn’t quite ready at 1 to do this but we kept putting him on and showing him and then started inside the house and now he is outside constantly on this! Do put a helmet on outside!

  374. Georgianna Y.


  375. EZi

    it is sturdy. Baby like it. Run it everywhere.

  376. Bryan peters

    My baby boy loves it.

  377. Customer

    My 12 month old grandson loves this. He got on and figured out how to use it right away. He can now keep up with his big sister when she’s scooting around.

  378. Stephanie L. Bibighaus

    Best gift ever! Tiny so perfect size for one year old. Great for those learning to walk because they can hold onto front and walk (learning balance). Will be able to grow into it as turns older when can sit and push. Fit this in my suitcase to give to my nephew.

  379. krystal

    Broke within 6 months. Son was only 20 pounds and 1 1/2 years old..Waist of $70.

  380. Russell G.

    Great and stable for a little one.

  381. Weitkamp Fam

    Super easy to assemble. Bought one for our 9 month old as well as my 6 month old nephew. They both love it. Our son is about to start waking, he loves to get on it and roll through the house!

  382. Customer


  383. gf

    Cheaply made .

  384. Cristal


  385. Claire

    Big brother (4 yrs old) has a balance bike and little brother (18 mos) always wanting to ride it. Ordered this and problem solved. PERFECT FOR THE YOUNGER TODDLER! It’s VERY well-made, and surprisingly heavy enough to not tip over. This is quality product and worth more than this price. Can’t go wrong on this one !

  386. Waskom

    My 10 month old loves it. My nephew does as well, he was interested in the way the handles turn the front wheels.

  387. Customer

    He likes to ride around the house.

  388. Kathryn Lyons

    My granddaughter is 10 months. She can balance on this and make it girl. She really likes it.

  389. Customer

    1st Birthday gift for my great niece. Sturdy, good value for price.

  390. Jared & Kaydi

    Our son has loved this! Used from 12m+



  392. CHINA

    Love it



  394. j0806


  395. Customer


  396. Zeke Thao

    Bought it for my 10m baby who is on the smaller side (15#, 27″). Her little feet is able to touch the ground and is able to comfortably push herself a few yards. She was able to figure it out after a few days of me pushing/pulling her around slowly (maybe 5m/day, 3 days).Very easy to assemble.

  397. Kindle Customer

    One year old Granddaughter loves this balance bike. Easy to assemble.

  398. tina nadorozny

    Great little bike my granddaughter loved it, she is 13 months old

  399. R. D. Smith

    Works well for my 11.month old grandson

  400. Bob Spring

    This is a really cute, small, soft first bike for a toddler who has just learned the basics of walking. He plays with it all the time.

  401. Michael Hetts

    came fast easy for child to use

  402. Donald


  403. murine prosser


  404. Zoe McClure

    Oh my goodness this is simply the most adorable bike. My grandson loves it. I got the color orange to be more unique seems like everyone picks blue, red, or pink. The orange is gorgeous! He rides it all the time @ 10 months old. Great gift.

  405. Deb Jones

    This bike was a gift for our Grandbaby and came damaged. We knew the box it was in was half destroyed but biked look fine til put it together today. 1/11/20We contacted store and getting a replacement at no cost so we’ll see. Thank you for quick reply store

  406. l

    Light and resistance

  407. BrianLiddick

    Like it… for 1 year old grandson

  408. do it myself girl

    I wanted to be the first to get my granddaughter a bike. She’s just learning to walk but she’ll catch on how to ride soon, for now she likes to sit on it and tell everyone about it.

  409. Don

    Well built and looks very durable. My 1 year old grandson likes it.

  410. Lisa Mathews

    Great toddler trike for my grandson!

  411. Paula Hamilton

    Simple design, easy to click together. This trike is perfect for my 1 year old Grandson and he loves it!

  412. Sandra Reed

    I liked that it was just the right size for my 1 year old twin grandchildren . They love these little bikes.

  413. Kyle Boyer

    We bought this for my daughyer ended up returning it because it was TINY. Shes 18 months and is 30 inches tall. I think it would have work if she was shorter.

  414. Anna

    Granddaughter is a pro now!

  415. The Wilder Way


  416. Mary Bayside

    I’m an 83 year old great grandmother. I got this for my great grandson’s first birthday. I was able to assemble the three main parts in less than five minutes.

  417. Customer

    Great product. Exactly what I thought I was buying!!

  418. Erica Hill

    Great bike! Best gift for little ones!

  419. KP

    This is a very substantial toy. Solid materials. My grandson is 10 months old so is just learning to balance. Just the right size to learn on.

  420. Customer JK

    My daughter loves this bike and rides it all over the house.

  421. Maria Chavez

    It’s not high quality. Although assemble is just one bolt the drilled holes do not align. For the price I would consider a different product.Also this is for children younger than 12 months. I have twins(15 months) of different heights and they cannot sit on it. They are essentially walking with it.Do not recommended. Find a different walking bike.

  422. MegB

    Adorable! My son will be two next month and he can’t get enough of his bike. He’s totally figured out how to get himself around the cul de sac and now we can’t even go into the garage because the minute he sees it he has to ride lol. Great beginner bike

  423. Cheryl Ayers

    For my great Grandson. The parents loved it along with the baby

  424. MissChell710

    Great for my 17 month old daughter

  425. Queenbee

    My grand baby loved it

  426. Nate slagle

    Very small for my average size 11 month old son.

  427. Customer

    My baby loved it.

  428. Crystalqing

    I bought this bike for my daughter birthday present she love it so much. she was going all over the place with this bike I can’t even get her off of it. The bike overall is built well and just a great bike for the price.

  429. Russell Fox


  430. NCB

    This was too small for my grandson who turned 1 right after Christmas so I am returning snd getting the next size up. He is approximately 24lbs and 29” tall.Sturdy, easy to assemble and definitely durable (will update once we get the right size). If you are between sizes or unsure I recommend getting next size up!

  431. Tracy

    The bike requires assembling but it takes me only a few minutes to put it together. Its measurements are true to description. This bike doesn’t have pedals so the kid can use their legs to push it around. It is great for kids to learn about balance and coordination. Overall, it is a perfect sized balance bike for my baby so I’m happy with.

  432. B2theT

    I bought this for my 15 month old for Christmas. She is still learning to walk, so I thought this may help with muscle toning and balance. It was easy to assemble except they sent a screw as the hardware where it seems just a pin would have worked better. The decals and stickers are nice. My daughter doesn’t seem to care about the bike much, but it’s fun when we do play with it.

  433. Danielle Wenzel

    My 1 year old loves it! Just like older brothers balance bike.

  434. SueAnn Jensen


  435. Emma

    Very good toy for my daughter. It looks great, easy to assemble and safe to play. My daughter enjoys riding and pushing it. Totally worth the money. The seat is very soft too.

  436. Wei wu

    Little is cute and can only play at home in winter. It is a good choice to bring it to the park in summer.The quality is good, but the cushion is a bit narrow. My daughter is two years and two months old and loves this car very much.

  437. Kaye

    This baby balance bike is pretty good in quality,it’s really beyond my imagination. It’s beautiful and so easy to put together,no tools required. And the color is so cool , my boy like to sit on it,even he don’t know how to play it, but he is stll happy. I think It’s a great present for him.

  438. Kimberly Groshong

    I was pleased by the smoothness of the finish. It rolls easily and it is stable. My 2 year old granddaughter hopped right on and scooted around. My only complaint is that the seat does not have multiple height adjustments to allow for growth.

  439. THIS GUY

    Glad my granddaughter had her helmet on. She went right over the top of it and hit her head and scraped her chin. I left feed back to the seller and got awful feedback from them.

  440. Kim Powell


  441. Tamara A Tilley

    Great size for our small 10 month old. Close to the ground, in case he falls off. His little feet actually touch the ground. Nana is so proud to buy him his first little bike??

  442. Y. CHANG

    My little niece loves it!

  443. Tyt

    Nice and right size.

  444. Jennifer Phelps-Roper


  445. David Rickles

    We like it

  446. Elizabeth Youngdahl

    Great gift for our one year old !

  447. L. Harnois

    I’ve never seen a child sooo excited. I bought this for my co-worker’s baby and he hopped right on it and took off. Now he won’t get off of it. This is the only thing he’ll play with now. It was also super easy to assemble and I love that it comes in different colors.

  448. Billy Fielder

    My son loves this toy. Happy with delivery, happy with price. I’m glad he learning to ride a bicycle at an early age.

  449. Anthony C

    This bike is too small for our little guy, he’s 22″. He basically stands over the seat and pushes it forward. He does like it though so I think we will look for something that is better for his height.

  450. F. M.

    Nice color. Easy to assemble and our niece loved it.

  451. Valgal

    Cute but too small for our big 16 month old

  452. Clarice Ligonis

    Bought this for my Great Granddaugher’s 1st. birthday. She loved it. Very safe for a toddler of that age.

  453. Brock

    Only thing I would say is it’s a little small for a 24 month old. My son is 19 months old and was a premie. He’s smaller for his age but still seems a little tall for this

  454. Heather Chavis

    This bike is so cute, fun and sturdy for my 1 year old. I bought it for him when he was 10 months old and he is just starting to really get into it at 13 months old.

  455. Linda

    This first bike is adorable, sturdy and easy to assemble.

  456. Customer


  457. DaniDoDa

    1st birthday present that was loved

  458. Maureen Padegomis

    My one year old niece got on the bike and rode immediately. It was so easy, smooth and most of all safe for a little one.

  459. Alex

    This is better than those two-wheel balance bikes because it won’t fall! My 1.5 years old can ride on it without me worrying her hurt herself. The handle is foamy and comfy so easy for toddler’s small hands. My only wish is that seat should be able to adjust height.

  460. K. Reynolds


  461. Customer


  462. Elysa

    We have loved this bike, we bought it when my son was 14 months. He’s almost 2. He’s used it inside every day since he got it. Today he sat on it (he weighs 30lbs and it broke. I’m so disappointed and thankful he wasn’t hurt. This should not happen.

  463. sasha y.


  464. sadlkfjwi

    So cute and stable.

  465. Customer

    Too small for 21 month old.

  466. Dh

    Tips easily. Disappointed.

  467. Orleans1971

    I purchased this for my niece as a Christmas present. She absolutely loves it. I put her on and she is learning to walk/push the bike. The bike seems stable, but we have her use it inside on a padded area so if she tips over, she shouldn’t really hurt herself. The assembly was very easy and the parts fit nicely and are well made.

  468. Customer


  469. Raphael A. Martinez


  470. shelley denicholas

    Great first little bike for the kiddos

  471. Customer

    This product is very sturdy. Safe and secure. Small and just right!

  472. Customer

    Very easy to assemble. 1 year old loves this bike. It helped him learn to walk. Easy to ride. Turn stop reduces tip overs. Very durable as my 5 year old has used it also.

  473. Carson Griffith

    My nephew is in love with this! It has been one of his favorite gifts. He is more cautious about balancing and is learning quickly!

  474. Julie C. Orologas

    Great product !

  475. kathleen maxwell

    Got two for both grands. They loved them and used them a lot from 1-2

  476. vincent baggio

    Very solid balance bike .

  477. Andrew Montenegro

    Only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because it’s was little smaller then I expected. Too small for a baby that over 12 months

  478. Adrianna Janckila

    This bike is really cute and a lot smaller than I expected. It’s close to the ground which is good for babies. My son just turned 1 and isn’t walking yet so we got him this to help. He loves it and takes off walking on his own with it. This morning he saw it and was so exited to get on. The only issue we have had is that he doesn’t really sit on it so he did a face plant right into our carpet and bit his lip and bled. It’s definitely not stable enough without the child sitting on it to not flip forward. Now we just have to be sure to stay right next to the baby while he’s on it. Thank God he wasn’t on cement.

  479. KJ

    Both my little ones loved this bike. Easy to put together – very sturdy and can be used really young!!! I walk my 6 month old around on it….. of course holding him – but he loves it!

  480. Rachael Dyk

    Great product! Came quickly, easy to assemble and my son loves it! It’s definitely a little bike… he’ll outgrow it pretty quick, but definitely worth the money for how much fun he’s having!

  481. Ben Rushing

    He went straight for it, and knew exactly how to us it. Cried when he had to leave the house. #winning

  482. Denise

    My toddler loves it! It took a few months to get interested in, but now he plays with it a lot! Is small, so you should buy when they are no more than 18months so they can enjoy for long time

  483. brenda

    It’s adorable and durable. Worth the money!

  484. Customer

    This bike is very sturdy and has quite wheels. My 1yr old grandson loves to ride on it. He can get on and off all by himself.

  485. Chewbi

    We bought this bike for my daughter’s first birthday and she loves it. She has become more independent with her walking thanks to this bike.

  486. Desiree A. Bambico

    Be aware; There was some random extra stickers included forSome unknown reason . My 4 ur old grandson, the big brother saw the stickers and thought he would help out and put these random stickers on his little bro’s bike. I was able to get some off but all. Kinda disappointing thT it ended up looking like a used bike ??. My grandson loved it anyway and did want to wait 1 sec to try to ride it?? she just loves it but he is not walking on his own yet . But with C some assistance from his mom and nana h has been able to ride the bike

  487. edward w.


  488. Kate K

    I love this tiny bike! It fits my 9 mo pretty well. He’s a bit on the small side and could use about one more inch of growth to fit it perfectly! He loves sitting on it and bounces up and down, trying to learn how to move it. I didn’t realize, but the main bar of the frame (the colored part) is metal. The wheels are a hollow plastic, which I was surprised about, though they seem to work well. We use it on carpet and it does just fine! He’s tipped over a couple times already, but the bike is so light that he hasn’t even shed a tear! Overall, a useful and valuable purchase during the COVID shutdowns!

  489. Ariel and kirk

    We bought this for our son and he loves it.Very strong way over built but that’s not a bad thing. A must buy to get them learning young!!

  490. Mimi

    When the bike fit the baby he was too young to hold balance or make it go. When he was old enough to balance it his legs were to long. Average size American baby.

  491. Hoonah

    The bikes arrived in time for birthday. Excellent quality.

  492. Chris Greczek

    Arrive one day before it was scheduled.

  493. Customer

    My daughter loved it although I wish the seat was a little higher.

  494. Katie Tegerdine


  495. Beth Powers

    bought this for my 9-mo old twins – they love it!

  496. Liz

    She likes it. She’s 10 months old & started using it right away. Fast & easy to put together

  497. Douglas Tracy?????/ Kyle morse,?????

    Wonderful my one year old daughter loves it easy to learn on has great balance. She loves it

  498. Dianne Bostic

    This is adorable. It was a hit with my 11 month old granddaughter!

  499. Forever Songbird

    Experience with childhood development toys companies like this are good to share about.Caring about humans.Good communiques.Good delivery times.Accurate with information regarding product and safety and age appropriateness for it’s user.Easy assemblage.Happy 1 year old child.’)

  500. Jskat Hob

    My grandson loves it.

  501. Tim D


  502. supersolti

    Easy to put together

  503. Everley

    tips forward occasionally. parent must hold back

  504. Georgina Rivera


  505. Customer

    Easter present for 1 year old grandson

  506. rizha stinson

    Bought it for my daughter first birthday absolutely love



  508. Customer

    Babies love it.

  509. Maria D

    My toddler loves this bike. We got it when my son was around a year old. It’s the perfect bike for them to grow with. He Is now almost 2.5 yrs old & rides it HARD around our yard, through the neighborhood and back. He loves to NOT ride on the side walks. hahathis bike has done great…ish. It did just finally break in the front Axis point at the weld … which is why I give it 4 stars. We had it for over a year and Yes my son rode this bike HARD… in the mud, puddles, rocky trails…bring it (I imagine he said) but he barely weighs over 20lbs now, and the weld snapped. We never left it outside. Took great care otherwiseI recommend this bike though, for its value. My son is definitely looking like he might be a mountain biker… Haha, & we feel like we got our moneys worth.We duct taped it & he still loves it haha! … along with his new upgrade ??

  510. Nancy Ulmer

    Birthday boy

  511. Juliana A.

    We bought this in March of 2019 and it’s held up perfectly. Our son still enjoys scooting around even though he’s a little tall for it now.

  512. T

    Bought this push along for our daughter. Shes one & can stand up walking w/this & when she she sits on it her knees almost touch the ground. She is 24inches tall. This is a mini bike. It does very well for balance but I should have ready the description better. All in all, she loves being on it.

  513. Carolyn Zinn

    Great product and quick shipping!!! THANK YOU!!!

  514. movie buff

    Haven’t seen this is action yet but it is adorable and came quickly. It’s a gift for my one year old granddaughter’s birthday. She just started walking (a little like Frankenstein), so it may take her awhile to get the hang of it. Thought it would be fun for summer walks in the park. I also got her a little helmet.

  515. Yabi

    Too small, unbalanced, easily tipped

  516. Debbie Eversole


  517. Yvonne

    My 9 month old loves it! He will get on by himself and ride all over the kitchen.

  518. Rebecca Buck


  519. Susan F Stinson


  520. Ayleen

    I have one that my daughter outgrew and looking to sell it half price let me know anyone interested.

  521. Erick Cuenco

    Easy to assemble.

  522. Tae


  523. Judieth a Barnes

    Good first trike

  524. Sherry Cheney

    This was so cute.My grandson loves it.

  525. Ozma

    It’s a nice product.

  526. Qi

    Very nice

  527. Carolyn Smits


  528. Elizabeth

    I wish we would have bought a true 3 wheel bike. This bike is not stable at all. I am not sure how a baby suppose to climb on top of it without knocking at over.. also if your baby bumps into something and tries to stir clear from the object there is 80% chance your baby will fall together with the bike..

  529. Michael Altoonian

    Good product. Only issue i have is the non adjustable seat. My daughter is 15 months and small and its a bit small for her. An inch or 2 adjustment to the seat would make it perfect!

  530. SM

    It’s great! My nephew, one-year-old, loves it. It was fairly easy to assemble. He figured out what he was supposed to do fairly quickly. You don’t have to worry about the kid falling over. It is just to get them used to riding a bike in the future.

  531. JILL COLE

    I know it is a balance bike but for a one year ild it is just frustrating.

  532. Ryan

    Cute, but clearly was a return. Was missing 2 hubcaps and pins were bent. The portion that was supposed to be preassembled was not, and there were finger prints on the seat. Even had an extra, unnecessary part.

  533. Pat R.

    12 month old granddaughter loves it. Very easy for her to ride.

  534. Trainmangerry

    The bike was delivered as promised, early in fact. Our grandson is a 1 year old and is just learning about balance. This bike is exactly what is needed to help him gain confidence in standing and walking.

  535. Robert Pittman

    Sweet little walker, wish it had some type of wheel locking or stationary device

  536. PAMELA H.

    Awesome great bike!

  537. Hatice Sasmaz

    So durable easy to assemble

  538. Mitch d.

    Great kid loved it

  539. Kevin Mayhue

    It’s so sturdy even I can ride it and I’m 120 pounds. My son doesn’t play with it tho ????????? But it’s cool I like it ????

  540. Customer

    Bought this for my grandson for his 1st Birthday and he loves it . Very sturdy and well made. He has already learned how to get on and off by himself. Great for gross motor skills !

  541. theresa

    this is my grandsons first bike. easy to put together…holds his 21 lbs body weight (he leans on it). he walks/pushes it around the house right now.. doesn’t want to sit on it yet 🙂 good 1st time gift

  542. Mary


  543. Kim

    works like it should

  544. Customer

    Great little bike. Wish the seat height was adjustable. There was a short window where my nephew was able to ride it. He was too small at first and then had about 3 months until he was too big. He loved it for those 3 months though.


    Birthday Present for my GREATGrandaughter’s 1st Birthday.

  546. Abby Ballester

    My daughter LOVES this thing. Its easy to assemble and its very portable. She is 15-months and I can see her using it way past its expected date.

  547. Ruth Lane


  548. James

    This item was purchased for our grand niece and loves it. It is great for her to help with balance and confidence for learning to walk. She is 13 months old.

  549. John Traveller

    Bought this for my 1 year old grandson. Can’t get him off of it, and his 4 year brother loves it too

  550. mindi s.

    Easy to assemble and very sturdy.

  551. Kathy

    Baby liked

  552. Mary Jo Mersman

    Great product

  553. C.V.


  554. Customer

    Actual carton this item came in was crushed then put into the shipping box that all 3 items were shipped in. store carton was in perfect shape so you put a product with a crushed carton into the box. How do I explain this as a birthday gift. Won’t know if the actual item is damaged until it gets opened on my granddaughters birthday

  555. Rachel2738

    My 20 month old loves it. It is well built and close enough to the floor so that even when she falls, she does not get hurt.

  556. storePrimeCustomer1357924680

    My 2 year old boy loves this bike. The original design was not sturdy, and it broke within a year. It broke in the same place as mentioned in many of the reviews here. However, I contacted them, and they were responsive and had amazing customer service, and promptly sent me a new replacement bike. This is one of the best customer service I’ve received from an store seller – responsive, nice, and truly satisfaction guaranteed.In addition, they changed their design on the bike where there were problems, and I’m hoping the new bike will last much longer! So overall, the bike + customer service earns them a 5 star, but do want to call out that the older models (if they’re still on the market) did have some design flaws.

  557. Customer

    1st birthday gift for our granddaughter. Can’t wait to see her reaction.

  558. Maria Brandes

    My 11 months old grandson loves it.The bike is adorable and safe.Thanks!!

  559. Alicia Baber


  560. Chris


  561. Lori Phillips


  562. chitshia

    The bike is cute but the foam handle came damaged. I bought it as a gift for my niece, she is small so its perfect for her. My son is only 19 months at 2 ft and 11.5 inches,he is a boy boy, it’s too small for him.

  563. Julared

    Bought for my extremely active 10 month old. She’s already starting to walk and try out big sisters ride on toys so thought this was be a good fit since it’s a little smaller and lower to the ground. It was way to wobbly for her though. Hard to use and small seat hard for her to sit on. It’s the perfect size for a baby, but functionally they won’t be able to use it until much older in which case she’d have outgrown this one. My advice, skip this and save your money wait until they grow and get a real balance bike.

  564. Carol Bennett

    For my one yr. old granddaughter

  565. Karla Darden


  566. Customer

    Bought this for grandsons first birthday. He loves it. Took awhile for him to figure out how to make it move forward (wasn’t walking yet). Also, big Oregon Duck fans so having it be yellow with ducks on it was a plus.

  567. colleenhart42

    My grandson absolutely loves this

  568. Shelly

    Very cute. I did not assemble it and was in a different state when the babies dad put it together

  569. Christelle

    Insanely cute my daughter loves it. She’s 9.5-month old and played with it right away. Easy to assemble and very decent quality.

  570. Thomas Loehn


  571. nikkkkki

    Super cute little balanced bikes with beautiful colors, simple installation, good quality, soft seat cushion, my one year old daughter likes it very much,

  572. Michael B.

    Easy to put together! Our little neighbor loves his new bike!

  573. Alejandro

    Super cute but honestly my toddler could careless for this! And it was a little unsafe as well for 1 yr old. But other then that super cute bike.

  574. Paul vang


  575. Customer


  576. Craig Harper

    LOVE this bike. My 13 mo son can get on and off by himself, can move it, and it only took him a try or two to use it on his own (and he doesn’t even walk yet). He loves having his own bike and I love that:)

  577. David A Ellis


  578. phyllis

    It was a gift for my grandson

  579. Rachael Byrne

    Great little starter bike for my grandchild, sturdy and easy to assemble .

  580. Tina

    We just lived seeing our grandson have such a great time on his first “bike” he figured out in a few seconds how to scoot around. Best first birthday present ever!

  581. Bingo Deb

    Helped my granddaughter balance she is just 10 months ild

  582. sandy1854


  583. Jenna

    We bought this for a friends 1 year old and she was a little small for it but will be able to use it soon! Unfortunately she received the same product from someone else so we had to return it, but would definitely recommend this!

  584. Brittany petty

    It’s worth recommending

  585. Keri Henderson

    Got this for our niece who just turned 1. Although its a little smaller than anticipated its a good size for this age. Its easy for her to use and was simple to put together. Definitely worth the price!

  586. JB in MN

    Perfect gift for our grandson!! Excited to see his progress!

  587. Lily

    The gift for children, orange is particularly cool, simple to assemble, the object is more beautiful than the online pictures, the quality is very good, the baby especially likes to ride, can effectively exercise balance. The car is relatively light, learn two days will ride away, every day at home to go back and forth, super happy.

  588. Ancho

    Good quality but way too small

  589. Tara Wattenbarger


  590. Keith Staples

    My daughter started standing at 8 months and we purchased this bike to help with her leg strength and she absolutely loves it. She is 9 months old and can push herself around!

  591. Hu

    This thing is popular, well-made balance bike for riders as young as 12-24 months,I bought it for my child, he love it very much, I can feel his happiness,let me talk about the sense of use, it can help the baby’s balance ability, and the movement of the both legs, we can easily control the first use,I will recommend it to relatives and friends around me and I believe they will like it too.

  592. Janet G. Demientieff

    Bought it for my 1yo grandson,nothing I can find wrong love it

  593. nrcraju

    Ower kids first birthday enjoying his balencing bike

  594. Italian

    Our 14 month old granddaughter has been very reluctant about learning to walk. She would rather walk on her knees.. We bought this bike, we call it her motorcycle, to encourage her to walk. It is working! She now walks with the bike and feels like a real big girl. It has been a good purchase and fun to watch her progress.

  595. JMarganski

    Very nice product. Exactly perfect in size for a 1 year old to help them learn how to balance and stand.

  596. Rafael Diaz-Balart

    Very good product

  597. Sheri Hopkins

    Loved it …. Perfect size for my 1 year old grandson!! He loves it!!

  598. Diane Zimbaldi


  599. Manuel CB

    My baby likes this!

  600. Cinders

    Great well built scooter type toddler bike. Took a few days for just learning to walk one year old to figure it out. He loves walking with it. Sturdy and able to assemble in just a few minutes. No tools required.

  601. Kaitlyn Roberts


  602. The Bass Player

    Baby lost balance and fell off bike.Good thing babies bounce.

  603. Denise

    this will be for my granddaughter ‘s first birthday. She is just starting to walk and this is a great tool to make her move her legs.

  604. Kristina Hayes

    My little baby loves it! Seems like good quality too.

  605. Customer

    My toddle is 18 month old and the bike didnt work for her. Its not very sturdy and she felt of of it multiple times. It also too short for her but my daughter is at 96 pracentile by hight that probably added to the problem of being too short. I would recomment it to someone much younger or someone who is in a 50 or lessy pracentile

  606. Mohan Kumar

    Awesome bike. Very easy to assemble, weight less and strong enough.

  607. Alonzo Perry

    The little ones at our nursery love scooting around on this bicycle. It was easy to assemble and compact.

  608. Vicky Chen

    My daughter likes this small car very much. It happened to be made for her and my rented place is relatively small. This small car and car occupies a small area just for her to run around at home. Now the epidemic is at home. The child had nowhere to play except watching the ipad, so she had to buy a car for her to run around at home.

  609. Customer

    We bought this for our 1-year-old kid, who can walk. Assembly was easy, nothing worth mentioning there… But baby is not really interested, sometimes she tries to push it around, but she just gets upset that it goes to all the directions. When I sit her on it, she just doesn’t get the concept, she tries to stend up and walk, she is bothered that something is between her legs. It’s been 2 months now and we haven’t really used it as it supposed to be used :DI give it a couple more months, maybe she gets a hang of it but baby is growing fast and seems like she will need a bigger one soon though…

  610. KS

    Perfect for my grandson!

  611. Amanda

    My son didn’t want anything to do with this. It was too tall for him and he is average height

  612. Sara Centeno


  613. evsess

    Too too low to the ground. Gave to my granddaughter for her 1st birthday and she was already too tall for it

  614. CB

    I bought this for my grandson’s 1st birthday. It was a perfect fit.

  615. Kelsie G.

    I wouldn’t use this for your little one unless they know how to walk. I got this for my sons first birthday and he can’t walk yet. It falls over every time he tries to use it. Maybe he will be more sturdy soon and that will help.


    Great for 2yr old . Sturdy and well built

  617. barry hansen

    Quality fun product that appears safe and grandson loved it (one year old)

  618. Jtp iii


  619. steven reppert

    Great little bike for the price .

  620. Pamela Sue

    Bought for a one year old birthday gift.

  621. Mom

    The bike was great my one year old son can’t quite push it well sitting on it yet but he walks around with it and he likes it, well worth the money.

  622. N Customer

    It’s really lightweight and great for kids to learn balance.

  623. Customer

    Got our dear friends son 1st bday. He loved it! Worth the money

  624. Customer

    Great product but it was too small for my nephew! It’s very durable and cute as well

  625. Jean

    Very nice for 1 year old. Much older it would be too small for. Sturdy and seems easy to ride

  626. happygirl


  627. Kristi

    1st Birthday present that he loved!

  628. 1

    She likes it

  629. Nancy W. Cook

    This is a terrific product and the second one I have purchased

  630. Customer

    When my grandson sat on the bike for the first time he knew just what to do.

  631. D. Chan

    Liked the sturdy metal construction and relative ease of assembly. Paid a bit more for v2 since reviews and friends have had their kids going over the bars in the v1 design. The seat height is relatively high so it’ll be another month or so before my kid can ride it.I wish there were more colorways available. The white and black colorway pictured on the box is not available. Also thought they could’ve included a few more washers as the wheels are basically going to be grinding against the bike. It arrived with some stress marks in the plastic piece below the seat post (see photos). I don’t think it’ll break or poses a safety hazard, but will see when my kid is finally tall enough to ride the bike. Will update this review then.

  632. jinesh

    Great product for little guys

  633. stuart davies

    we brought this item for our grandson on his first birthday. We had it shipped directly to him. Due to covid-19 restrictions we had to view him using it on Facebook messenger video chat. He was very excited when his dad gave it to him. The bike is very sturdy and helps with balancing. His dad told us it was very easy and straightforward to put together. All in all it is a very good first bike for an infant. What’s also good is the fact you can opt into a insurance policy just in case anything happens.

  634. Valerie Godfery

    It was the perfect size ..

  635. william sarris

    great overall

  636. Eric Sedge

    She loves this!!

  637. Niki

    I received an imperfect product

  638. MarPed

    Love this bike!! It was kind of difficult to put together just because it comes with 2 different size washers and in the directions it says there’s only one size so I wasn’t sure what one to use. Also there’s an Alan wrench in the package but I didn’t need to use it?

  639. Mothershopper

    Purchased the first one for 1 year old grandson. It was such a hit, I just purchased another one for a second grandson’s first birthday!

  640. Megan Carlson

    Bought as a Christmas present for my 1 year old. He’s loved it, and 10 months later is still obsessed with riding it! Would definitely recommend!

  641. Brett


  642. Mei

    Great gift to my granddaughter who just meet 1 year old. She is getting like to ride on it

  643. [email protected]

    Our babe loves his new mini bike! He scoots around and enjoys his big boy toy.

  644. Michael J. Flora

    Great product for my 1 year old.

  645. Marie E. Martell


  646. MLG007

    It looks beautiful. But while putting it together you quickly realize the quality is not very good. The pins that attach the wheels are terrible and make the bike very unstable.I wish i would of opted for a different one.I would do more research and perhaps go with a more reputable brand

  647. Zanre

    WARNING!!! BIKE IS EXTREMELY SMALL.I bought this for my 7 month old daughter, who began standing around 5 months, I would not suggest this for a child who has poor balance. At 7 months she was a bit afraid of this and it would sometimes tip over while she was trying to push forward. Now at 9 she is able to balance and quickly ride around the kitchen on this trike. We bought this as a way to get her used to moving her legs so she can walk. My wife and I love this and it has helped our daughter who was once afraid to take a step despite learning to stand months ago. My wife also thinks it is extremely cute.Only downside is the size of the bike. At 9 months, my daughter is now 73.5 cms tall (approximately 29 inches) and when she sits on the trike her knees are already bent. I don’t foresee her using this trike at 2 yrs old like I’ve seen some reviewers saying but it was definitely worth a buy since she has fun on it and it has helped her progress in taking her first steps.

  648. Susan Ruby


  649. Jojo


  650. Dianne


  651. Patricia K.


  652. Nicole


  653. J N

    Our son absolutely loves this and is on it most of the time inside and outside. Easy to use and practice for little kids 1+ year old.

  654. AMG


  655. jmr08857

    This is a cute little bike at a great price, but it was too small for my tall 12 month old. He is over 100th percentile for height, so maybe it would work for a small toddler.

  656. Hannah Krzywicki

    My 1 year old (recently 12 monts) loves her new bike! Her big brother has a balance bike, and she always wants to ride it, but now she has her own! The first time I put her on it, she looked so proud and happy!The balance and distance from the handle bars to the seat is perfect for her little, chubby, top-heavy body, and the wheels are just wide enough to help her stay balanced while not tripping her up. It is very lightweight, so it is a breeze to cary, but it can also tip forward if the baby bumps into something, so spot your toddler for the first little bit–my little one did a face plant into the grass when her front wheels went off the sidewalk the first time. She has much better reflexes now! It didn’t take my little one very long to figure out how to get off and on by herself–which is huge, because she is very independent. I appreciate thst the handle bars and seat are padded–we all know how often babies fall.The only negative comment on this item is that I wish the seat and handle bars were adjustable. It fits perfectly right now, but I don’t know if it will be too small in a few months.

  657. Doodlemom

    This is so cute, but the seat stem is not adjustable. My little one still rides it around although she is a bit too big for it.This would be a perfect little bike if the seat stem were adjustable.

  658. Kindle Grace

    Great product, as described

  659. Lauren

    Not good for kids not balancing good is leaning left or right whit my kidI’m not recommending this

  660. c.m.

    Purchased for my grandson, very well made

  661. Angela L.

    Great balance bike for one year old. My son loves sitting on it. He’s one year old and 84cm 24lb. This bike is just perfect size for him. Really easy to assemble. Feels sturdy my 3year old can sit in it and rise with no problem.

  662. Katebee

    So cute. Great quality.

  663. Mike S.

    My one year-old grandson loves this bike. Really seems to be helping him with walking.

  664. Amelia baron

    My daughter in enjoyed this a lot … great for babies starting out

  665. carol barbalato

    Cute first bike for 1 year old

  666. Marjie

    Perfect size

  667. wizardwertz

    My Grandson is loving it

  668. Force Baney

    Works great, my grandson just turned 1yrs old and its helping him to stand and walk keeping him balanced. a little pricey but will last for a long time and several kids.

  669. Lorinda A. Mola


  670. Desi R.

    We received this as a gift when my son was 18 months (Christmas 2019). It is now September 2020 and the bike is still going strong even though my son is 2.5 years old and a little less than 35 pounds, almost 30 inches tall.My son LOVES this bike. I bought him one of those Strider bikes for his second birthday and tried to hide this away but no such luck! My son rides this indoors on our hardwood floors and outside on the concrete in the garage. The wheels wipe clean using a washcloth or dish sponge and don’t leave any marks or scratches as long as they are free of debris (definitely a plus when you anything sliding on your hardwood floors). My son also uses this as a seat of sorts. He will sit on it as he plays with his grill or other large item toys. To say this bike gets used a lot is an understatement. I’m glad it has such a high weight limit but it is very low to the ground. Obviously, my son doesn’t mind but I do recommend putting play shoes on your LO otherwise they will get scuffed or just using indoor socks/barefoot. It is very sturdy and doesn’t wobble or topple unless my son purposely moves it about.I’m giving 4/5 stars because this bike is great but not perfect. For the price, though, I couldn’t feed my family all 3 meals in one day so it’s still totally worth it in my opinion. I highly recommend this bike!

  671. Customer

    I am very upset with this product. I bought this for my child care and one of our 20 month old lost a tooth while riding this trike! He was walking the bike slowly and looked down in front of him, only to have the bike flip on him and he fell forward. Unfortunatelly this toy is not balanced and it can cause serious injury.

  672. Chris Kelly

    My 1 year old Granddaughter loves it

  673. Susan Franceski

    This is well made, sturdy and my granddaughter loves having daddy push her on it. It is easy for her to hang on to and has really helped with balance.Great product.

  674. Norman

    It is very nice

  675. M Evans


  676. simon s

    Assembles in two minutes!! My 10 months old baby LOVES it! She can’t ride it yet but she plays with it, sits on it and pushes it around like a walker. Very recommended.

  677. Lori

    IS’T birthday

  678. Lucyjayne

    Ordered the orange one and got the blue one. Blue one has a company name not the decal in the picture. However, the bike is sturdy and good quality and you can pick the ugly decal off!

  679. Customer

    I purchased this for my 1 year old grandson. He is not walking yet but he pushes the big with his legs. Such a great product to help him walk and keep his balance.

  680. Mariah Williams

    Shipping is super fast, arrived next day, I assembled it within 10 minutes. Fairly easy! My one year old asked to play with it immediately. It only took him a short period of time to learn how to ride on it. Now he wants to play with it every day. A few moms in our neighbourhood saw it and asked me where to get it. A good buy!

  681. Deborah Reed

    It was made of sturdy material. It was also very easy to assemble.

  682. Neonila

    I bought it like a gift for first birthday. My friends liked it and their son looks like he love it!

  683. Lisa

    Got this for my nephew to help get him walking. Hopefully it works!

  684. Maya Griffith

    Wheels are light causing unbalance and falls over

  685. Customer


  686. maria c morales ruiz

    Good price and great for different stages for my kids.Instead of me buying 3 I got all in one.Awesome.

  687. Lisa Seebeck

    My daughter is 17 months, and she Dont like it. Plus its extremely small. I brought this for Christmas and it was a waste on money. I brought a motorcycle for tots for my 4 year old and my 17 month year old can operate it by herself. Lol which is crazy amazing. It Don’t go fast just enough speed for a 17 month old. I now have to order a new motorcycle more advance for my 4 year old she will need more speed for enjoyment. Lol. I recommend any child same age as my daughter to not purchase this its not for 17 month old they won’t love it.

  688. Swedemom

    This item was a gift for my grandson’s first birthday a few weeks ago. He is slowly getting used to it and I am sure he will be flying around with it soon. He is curious and strong so this is a perfect gift for him. I am impressed with how well made it is.

  689. Douglas J. Knowles

    Nephew loves it

  690. Gaby Aparicio


  691. Michael aycock

    got this for my grandson’s first birthday, it was a good fit, but it still will turn over with them, but he wasnt hurt. love how low to the ground they are. not disappointed

  692. Customer

    I really wanted to love this purchase but its very cheaply made. it is also very unstable and my one year old constantly falls over trying to ride it. wish i wouldn’t have spent the almost 60 bucks.

  693. Jules Pitchford

    The cycle is too short for my average height 18 month old. Useful only 12 to 15 I guess

  694. Angela Cordier


  695. Haley Stilley

    Easy to put together and so cute!! It’s hard to find a toy that gets these babies up and moving that doesn’t take up a ton of space. This helps them walk and then eventually ride it.

  696. Customer

    its cheap, its small, but my son didn’t care, he still rides it 6 months later, and he’s way too big for it

  697. JEFF YE

    It’s perfect for my 14 months boy. He loves riding it.


    Aptly designed and serves the intended purpose of inducting the child for walking.

  699. Minmarde

    A sturdy little balance bike. Our granddaughter , who is 10 months old, really enjoys it. It takes time for them to learn to scoot along, but she sits down and gives it a try. Happy with the purchase.

  700. Jim

    My grandsons 1st bike, he loved it.

  701. Dalana Church

    Bought it as a birthday gift for our grandson’s first birthday, he absolutely loves it!

  702. melindawelter

    Granddaughter 1 yr old! Great!

  703. caryn rollins

    Great gift for 1 year old.

  704. Lou Shoes


  705. Danna stover


  706. Chris S

    I gave it to my friend’s kid on his first birthday. He couldn’t reach the floor very well yet, but it will be great for him be fore he learns to peddle.

  707. Jean Kang

    We had one for 10-24 months but my toddler outgrew it so found this one. Seat can be adjusted and so is the handle bar. This must be somewhat new because I don’t remember seeing this model before. Compared to the one we had, this bike is bigger in all dimensions. Love the yellow color. Very sturdy, easy assembly. We actually have another bekilole bike with a pedal that can be adjusted as your toddler grows at our house, and this one stays at my in-laws. He loves riding around the house. Highly recommend.

  708. W.L.

    My grand daughter loves it.


    Great value. It’s her favorite playtime activity

  710. Lakeisha


  711. Diane

    gift for great granddaughter

  712. Avid Reader

    Well made, great size for our year old great grandson. Came earlier than predicted. Very happy customer.

  713. Karlie

    Overall a nice little bike. It’ll be a Christmas present for my then 1y old so we’ll see how it holds up but it seems sturdy. Directions weren’t great but I figured it out.

  714. Andy Middleton

    Bought this bike for my one year-old grandson! Very nice, it’s like a real banana seat on a bike definitely worth the money!

  715. grandpa

    My grandson (1 yr old) loved his birthday present!

  716. Customer

    Excellent product

  717. Tobyobst


  718. Sylvester


  719. sassdeby

    I bought this bike for my 1 year old granddaughter. She was trying to ride it in the house in the rug and when she tipped it over on the side the handle bars literally fell off. And it’s metal ! So it was cheaply made for this to happen on a rug with a one year old. So now I have this broken bike.

  720. Lea Berkholder


  721. Customer


  722. JHilton

    My 19 month old loves this little bike. It took some time for him to get the hang of it, but now he rides it without any fear of tipping over.

  723. Jacob Garza

    Gift for my nephew

  724. Debra Mena

    I bought this for my grand nephew for his first birthday. I wanted to purchase a bike that would be helpful for him to learn balance and was easy to assemble it’s a very sturdy product I feel safe allowing him to use this overall great product!!

  725. Saul


  726. E. Fish


  727. Customer

    Sturdy and very easy to assemble. We bought this for our granddaughter’s first birthday and she loves it!

  728. t.r. feiertag


  729. Connie L. Chenevert

    Love it–It’schristmas gift, so I can’t send a Picture yet.Very eassy to assemble, arrived early.

  730. Mitchell J.


  731. Customer


  732. Customer

    Very easy to assemble and sturdy

  733. Teresa m


  734. Aaron




  736. Customer

    Got balance bike box was torn up . It has been opened everything was taken out of plastic thrown in box . I think this bike had been returned . Lucky nothing was missing !! Price you pay & you shipped to me like this !


    My little loves this bike! Perfect for him at 1 year old! Very sturdy and super easy to assemble.

  738. Customer

    Bought this for our granddaughter’s 1st birthday. She has only begun standing and walking and easily climbed on it. Solid, sturdy, and easy to roll. I will remember this for any future little ones.

  739. T. Thomson

    My grandchild loves it. gave it to her on her first birthday and she got right on it. Also able to use it for walking.

  740. Adriana Pacheco


  741. AugustineTang

    Fantastic for young kids!

  742. Juan David Alvarez Garcés


  743. Customer


  744. Lisa Gottlieb

    This mini bike is so cute!! Great for a one year old- 2 but it depends on your child’s height. It is metal frame which is rare for a toddler bike. The seat is soft so it is comfortable for your child. I had an issue with a part on it but the after sales customer service was friendly and attentive. I am a very happy customer ??????????????????????????????

  745. Ksu

    It was a gift from my brother to my little son birthday. Bike is great, but one wheel is dirty like somebody used before me. the box is crumpled and taped, all the details inside the box have been opened.

  746. carolyn cunningham

    It did not come with handle bars . ??

  747. Slammer

    I read ALL the reviews before I bought this bike for an average-height 13 month-old boy. I was ALMOST scared off by the bad reviews. When I received it I was pleasantly surprised— it’s adorable! It’s well made, instructions are in English and assembly could not be easier. The assembly consists of one screw and they give you the wrench. My grandson LOVES it. As to the reviews saying the bike falls over— well, it does fall over. It gets pushed, pulled, dragged and manhandled. So does everything else in the house. If we’re going to assign fault, it’s not the adorable bike, it’s the adorable kid. I don’t know how fast he will outgrow the bike. The bike is not a forever toy; he will use it then his little brother will use it. Being small is not a fault of the bike, it’s a necessary feature of a bike designed for a 1 year-old. There are bigger bikes for bigger children— but this one is small for small children and it’s cute and well-made.

  748. Gregg Morris

    Very easy to assemble

  749. Customer

    My nephew loves it.

  750. ODOL

    Super cute bicycle I bought it for my 13 month old niece and she loves it her legs were a little short but she will grow into it and use it a lot! The white and pink was so cute! It was a hit at her party

  751. Arnold W.

    very nice workmanship, can’t keep great grand son off it. Never thought it would be a portable lounger. He sits on his bike and watches cartoons. He has an electric pickup with everything, parked. Bike, all over the place.

  752. Grandma Karen

    My Grandson will love this it is his first birthday

  753. Julia Wories

    My little girl is 10mo old. Almost 11 mo. I think it is so adorable and even cuter in person than the pictures show.

  754. Jennifer

    Super cute. Super sturdy. But the screw does not line up with where it should as it shows in the photo on instructions. I’m going to have to find my own screw

  755. Kim K

    Thickness was very suitable for a 1 year old



  757. ccp64

    Quick shipping quality product

  758. W J Kochbook67


  759. DMC


  760. keith taylor


  761. vince ruberte

    Great product

  762. Leigh Todd


  763. AGirl

    Great mini bike but not too stable. My son has toppled over. But he still loves it and it’s easy for him to pull around

  764. Matthew Schnitzius

    My son loves the bike and was easy to assemble. The only thing is we got a pink bike, the box shoes a blue bike and we ordered a blue bike. He got it Christmas morning and wanted to Ride right away so we didn’t do anything about it but for a $60.00 toddler bike they should make sure the right color is in the box. Love the bike though!

  765. Colette

    My grandson loves it

  766. EFebs

    Was assembled in minutes. My grandson enjoys it.

  767. Michelle

    Great bike however i ordered yellow and recieved pink. It is for my son. I cannot return as i got it for a cheaper.

  768. BARBARA

    So easy to assemble. Sturdy, durable and perfect for your littlest person.

  769. Melanie

    The sturdiness was amazing! my niece loved it and won’t stop using it.

  770. Wanell

    15 month old enjoyed it immediately.

  771. DB Lynn


  772. KT




  774. Karen Santiago


  775. BarefootMostly

    Bought for 13 month old who quit crawling months ago! He loves it! It’s adorable!

  776. Philip

    Why the long, unnecessary assembly? How about charging a few more dollars for a larger box and YOU put it together? Awful

  777. dkg51


  778. Lori Fisher

    Granson’s love them and super easy for them to use. It was their first birthday present and they love them.

  779. R Martin

    One year old non-walking grandson immediately took to it and loves his new degree of independence.

  780. Lydia Villalobos


  781. Sherri Hanigan


  782. RFWH


  783. Customer

    Love this little bike! My daughter is 9 months and it’s great for her to sit on and then she stands to help with balance. She hasn’t started scooting on it but I can tell she’s trying to figure it out. Not to mention it is the cutest little thing! Very sturdy and durable!

  784. Mr Fromopolis

    Bought this for my 1.5 yr old grandson who’s already walking (mostly). Assembled real easy, and he was on it like a bump on a log. Never fell off! Couldn’t get him off it either! Good purchase.

  785. wiscgirl

    Got this for my granddaughter. Her eyes lite up when she saw it. She had so much fun. It is small but but will last her past 24 months. She is at the 75 percentile for her height. For reference

  786. Customer

    Perfect for first bike ! Could not be more pleased

  787. ” Two Chains “

    1year old grand daughter is all over it

  788. Timothy Jones

    great as expected

  789. Susanna

    7 month old loves this bike.

  790. Jandrews0760


  791. SAB

    Our grandson is just starting to pull himself up and wants to get movin! This is going to be a fun toy for him for a few months until he is ready for a regular tricycle.

  792. Customer

    My 10 month old granddaughter loves this little bike! It’s the perfect size for her.

  793. Rebecca Sandrok

    Since I bought it for a grandchild, and the parent assembled it, I have no feedback about that. But the report is, she loves it.

  794. Mary

    Cute bike! Definitely for 2 or younger, its a tiny bike. It’s great for what they advertised it for. The price is way too high, but I love the product.



  796. lauraw

    Very easy assembly…very sturdy abs not tippy

  797. JC

    My son loves it! He is one year and half and can move around with it for some distance! Easy to carry too!

  798. srwinter6

    Very sturdy little bike. I think it will great for my 8 month old grandson.

  799. Erin Michelle

    I purchased this balance bike for my niece’s first birthday. I’m extremely glad I purchased it as early for her as I did because this balance bike is quite small in my opinion (at least compared to the balance bike I purchased for my son). I could definitely see a well-balanced 10-month-old having a blast on this balance bike! Even my 2-year-old son could sit on it and push around.Overall, this bike is impressively well built and very sturdy. It was easy to assemble and did not take much time at all. I love the different array of color choices and themes so that you can find the perfect one for your little’s personality. These balance bikes are also great for infants/toddlers to learn gross motor skills by teaching them balance and coordination. My niece seems very happy with it too! Would definitely recommend it. Makes a GREAT gift too!

  800. Brett Denham


  801. Courtney Meyers


  802. Philosophy girl


  803. Julio Rodriguez

    Great product! My daughter loves it

  804. KCawley

    Gave it to my nephew for his first birthday and he was able to stay upright (his head size is in the 99th percentile so that’s actually quite the accomplishment) and push himself forward with a little assistance. He is Just beginning to walk short distances (<10 steps) so I expect he'll get better over the next month or two, but we were all pleasantly surprised

  805. YH

    This bike is easy to assemble. It is great birthday gift for one year old baby. My baby starts to learn walking and loves this bike very much!

  806. rebecca


  807. Georgia Giguere

    I love that it’s low to the ground so it’s not a far fall for a beginner. Easy on and off, too!

  808. Margi Johnson

    Great for first first balance bike, well made, bright colors

  809. Tango’s Haus

    I did not expect that this bike would tip over so easily and that is why I purchased it for my greatgrandson, but it tips over before it will stand up!

  810. Susan Davis

    Soooo cute!

  811. Christiana

    Super cute & good hight for my 11 month old. Just wish it didn’t tip over soo easy. Perfect first bike for him to learn the basic aspects. ??

  812. Kindle Customer

    Perfevt gift

  813. Clove

    I ordered GREEN and this is the color that came. Pretty sure it’s the SKYBLUE. Kinda bummed. But awesome little bike! Easy to assemble. Sturdy. So excited to give it to my nephew for his first birthday.

  814. Customer


  815. Cindy Winjum


  816. Paula Williamson

    Perfect size for a little one. My 12 month old Grandson loves it!

  817. Talia Prosser


  818. Momof3


  819. Jedediah Mesel

    Great bike!!!!I just wish seat could be adjusted alittle other then that’s the bike is made really well.

  820. Nazanin Moradinik


  821. Jessica Stepp


  822. Polina


  823. Pawel

    Great product! My brother’s daughter loves it!

  824. vini


  825. Kuuj


  826. Foof

    This is the perfect intro bike for your little one. My 1yo took a little bit to warm up to it… he didn’t realize he could sit down. Once he got the hang of that, it took him a week or so to master steering. Now he flies around our house on his bike and absolutely loves it!

  827. Vinesha Wimberly

    Our of the 3 bikes I got my girls, they never ride this one and it was the most expensive. They fell off a few times and now the bikes sit in the corner collecting dust. Thank goodness they recieved other bike at the same time.

  828. Love books

    Great bike! Second one I bought for my grandsons. Prompt delivery easy assembly.

  829. Ironside


  830. daniel sullivan


  831. carrie

    My granddaughter loves it (she turned 1 dec 5)

  832. Patricia oneal


  833. Rudy Pena

    My grand daughter love it,

  834. Mike


  835. rdbrd14


  836. Manuel Hernandez

    The other best present ?? for my granddaughter. She loves her bici

  837. Mary Helen Naecker

    Bought this for my granddaughter’s first birthday. She loves it.

  838. Customer


  839. Danny

    Purchased this for my one year old son & he’s obsessed. Product is very easy to assemble & sturdy. I’m surprised at how much balance this bike has. If you’re looking for a neat gift to give a toddler, I would recommend this bike.

  840. cajnrn

    Cute little bike. Just right.

  841. Nicole Hudgens

    My grandson loves his bike. I like the sturdiness and how he lights up when he plays on it.

  842. tony melita

    Excellent toy

  843. kathleen moore

    Love it

  844. Smc


  845. Ambra Chatman


  846. T Dillard

    Very easy to assemble

  847. Cjkelly


  848. Alhaji Bangura

    It was easy to install and my grandson loves it!

  849. Preston Sparks


  850. AvidReader

    Perfect size for a 12 month old. He loved it and didn’t know he could have a bike. He could get off and on easily. The bike didn’t tip over easily and there was nothing to pinch fingers. It will take him a while to learn to steer, but he could not be happier. He often pushes it around like a walker. It was easy to put together for this old grandma, maybe took twenty minutes.

  851. Jerry L Galamback

    Great grandson like it that’s what counts.

  852. RW

    My grandson enjoyed it

  853. Sapna N.

    Looks great! BUT, there is an issue with design – once we put everything together, we cant take it apart.

  854. Annette H.

    Easily assembled

  855. Jade

    Has not got off the bike since I bought it. I am officially the “cool” aunt!! My favorite new title. Great product highly recommend.

  856. Cindy Farrar

    Perfect for a one year old just learning to walk.

  857. michelle lippai


  858. Customer


  859. Geno Ocean

    Very easy to put together my granddaughter loves it.

  860. NWM

    1yo loves it

  861. michelle johnson


  862. Customer

    Love it

  863. Pirate Farmer


  864. Customer


  865. Claire Z.

    Overall it was a great product. The one we got had a bit imperfection but doesn’t affect how it functions. Would’ve been better if customer service was more responsive.

  866. Judi Banna

    Arrived quickly…assembles in seconds. Sturdy for my 1 year old granddaughter to help her with balancing herself.

  867. Steve Jones


  868. Joy G.

    The bike itself is too adorable but my 15 month granddaughter is too big for it. The bike is also tiny. My granddaughter has tipped over a few times so I will be returning this cutie.

  869. Helen Won Ahn


  870. Kmti


  871. Emilia Perez

    Was easy to use, my baby feels much more confident using it.


    Great bike for little ones. Started using it at 15 months.

  873. Richard

    Great mini bike! 9 month old loves it, I’m sure he’ll be riding up and down hallways soon after he figures how to move on his own!

  874. Sonya


  875. Richard Rossi


  876. Brittney iiams


  877. Customer

    This is much smaller than it appears to be.